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(avoiding too much in the way of spoilers): I would love to see a closer look at some of the non-conventional "other" services we see alluded to in the final flyers and pamphlets towards the end of the game. Some of those jobs, maybe set at different points in the timeline of the setting, would be engaging experiences to check out.

Solid! Some definite priorities for non-demo versions would be making the attacks have more feedback, and directional information for launching your Tactics and Powers. Also a slightly cleaner visual palette could help, although I do like the broad color-coding of impassable vs. open copses of trees.

Pretty neat stuff! Only two problems I had were 'not having a defined way to quit / exit', and I had difficulty telling if I'd found everything. I *think* I saw it all? And it was all quite good! Occult was especially good, hope to be able to acquire that in a higher standalone resolution one day.

There's definitely some issues that could use ironing out so far (the other comments hit them pretty well), but I really have to compliment the UI design at a bare minimum. Very strongly feels like the Shining Force on Game Gear and other early RPG-system games from the era. The entire conceit feels like Quest 64 in a good way. The gameplay... Yeah, as the other comments said: More tutorialization, more forgiving early-game damage.

Yeah, but with Necrodancer it makes a lot more sense because the game is based on the musical rhythm and the timing of things outside of the turn order. Here it's just frustrating, especially when combined with the unorthodox hex-based map.

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More substantive commentary will be coming later: I'm new to both the game and to the Itchio service in general, and it's a late evening for me. My commentary will be based on my own experience and video I've seen (such as the recent Polygon preview of the PS4 version).

First major balance concern: I'm finding it interesting (in a bad way) that this game is missing the Roguelike staple of a 'wait one turn' function. There's no way to idle without moving, which combined with the erratic enemy movement makes the time-cycling mechanic punishing without benefits.

Looting taking a turn is more good-interesting than the above, but still doesn't feel great. There's not a notable risk-reward element caused by it 99% of the time, and the 1% where it causes issues it's a frustrating nightmare.