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There's definitely some issues that could use ironing out so far (the other comments hit them pretty well), but I really have to compliment the UI design at a bare minimum. Very strongly feels like the Shining Force on Game Gear and other early RPG-system games from the era. The entire conceit feels like Quest 64 in a good way. The gameplay... Yeah, as the other comments said: More tutorialization, more forgiving early-game damage.


I appreciate the compliments very muchly!

In regards to the tutorial; Speaking to NPC's within the world of magic is actually supposed to serve as the tutorial for the game. The King, Princess and Loremaster give you a pretty good starting point where to look (including directing you to the library!), as well as the various NPC Villagers located within and outside the castle!

I just hope for those who are finding the start difficult know that they can talk to the NPC's!