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Pretty tricky :D But i really like the visuals! Cool tileset, cool dialogue boxes :D

Good game!

I agree with the comments written before me here :D
A bit more variety in the gameplay would have been nice, but other than that, i had quite a bit of fun playing! I liked the idea of you shooting "your HP" basically. 

Tip: Next time try to add a bit more Game Juice. (You can google that, there are great GDC Talks about it)


Regarding the volume: Was it too loud? Oh and sorry if you had to look at that crappy options menu :P I am really not good with UI (yet) ^^

Yeah. That pause screen isnt really refined. But im glad you enjoyed the game anyways! Thanks for playing.

Has a certain charme to it :D I especially like thats its built with Godot :D

Thanks :D

I like the soundtrack :D
Sadly i cant seem to find enough players. But one time it put me in a lobby (i think that was a bug) and i saw a robot escaping some sort of cell? But then nothing happened.

So from what i read in the description seems like a nice game :P

Thanks a lot! To be honest, i rather expected that the CPU is gonna be the problem as when there are a lot of zombies the pathfinding takes up quite a few ressources :D

Amazing work as always! But, you spelled the name of the pack wrong :D

Also i got an idea for a new asset pack: "Office" or in general modern indoor stuff.

Keep going mate!

Cool. One Idea to add would be a rolling chair.

Thanks for sharing!

What a luck! I've recently played a game called "Broforce" on Steam. And when i saw those assets i knew where that game got its assets ;) Also they seemed to like the rope-climbing and let that one in. Seriuosly, its a great game.

AWESOME! Thanks mate. Followed ;)

I also just finished a low poly AK-47 model (my first weapon model) and it actually wasnt that hard. But from looking at other blueprints of other weapons, i saw that your weapons are more difficoult to model :D
Your also putting more details in it.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the upcoming weapons mentioned above.

You are so talented! I did some voxel art myself but nothing is even close to being as good as your works. Thanks for providing them for free!

Oh yeah i know what you mean! Maybe it could've been nicer to include like a split screen: One for the shepherd and one for the dog.

Thanks a lot! :D

I have never heard of an AZERTY keyboard. How do you play like normal games? Are you remapping everything? But besides that, yes i am aware of the shepherd walking bug and im sorry that the camera caused inconvienience :(

Thanks! I think its a pretty unusual approach. But seems like it worked out :D

Thanks for the little review. Imo our designer and our composer did an amazing job! It was pretty difficoult to get the controls right. Like getting the mix of "you can control/ push the sheep" and finding a way to north. I already increased shepherd and sheep speed before the release. Imagine it with half the speed O__O

Thanks :) Glad you like it

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks for playing! Well yeah. I wasnt sure about the controls... But i hope they werent too "tough" :D What exactly you didnt like about them? Sharper? Or was it that shepherd pathfinding buggy thingy XD

Thanks for playing! Yes even i didnt made it to the end with all my sheeps :D I think my best was 1 sheep XD I had 4 before entering the labyrinth. Well they didnt wanted to come with me so i left them there :P

Really fun! Enjoyed it! :D