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This has been a problem for a while, but it should be fixed now :)

The 'when police are near' line cracked me up so much. Amazing story. It gets more and more absurd. Congrats!

Wow! Some of the best character creation I've seen since the wii. Lovely art style and dialouge (I liked the coversation aspect of it). I think that if the text quickly apeared letter by letter, it would have a nice effect that would mak the game just that little bit better. Overall, amazing work. I hope you keep going!


Hey, this game looks cool! If you upload the code, I would be happy to export it to HTML5 for you :)


(Yeah, I spent about an hour on that project, but lost the file.)

Yes; I made the intro and sound effects, but my freind make the main game music and the finale.

The hurting aspect of the game was bodged together, as one of the objects world not export correctly, and the player would now have to collect those odd gradient things around the map, and drag the cursor over an enemie.

Absolutely hilarious!

This game is so funny! I noticed the use of 'died' rather than 'fainted' that I found funny until I lost one of my own PEOPLE; that was a nice touch :) The music for the regular battles is great. The amazing game overall. Good parody!

Yea, we spent quite a bit of time trying to make collisions work, but at some point you just have to work on the rest of the game...

Hi, I'm Archie. I have been developing games with a few of my freinds for a few years. I have specilised in more of a pixel-art theme, with some nice sound effects. I have very few folowers, but I have very big ideas for some games.

I have joined the Perplexity Game Jam. If a theme is announced in it, could I use that theme for inspiration for the music? I would preferably like to use the music I will have made in that jam too.

I have entered the EP#2 jam, could I use the 2-6 songs I make for that for my game? If a theme is given for this jam, I could use that for the EP Jam, and help give inspiration to my work.

Hi, I'm a big fan of your games. I am wondering what money would be used for in this game. It seems to have no function yet, but buying/upgrading instruments seems to be a good idea. Love your work, keep it up!

That is because I for got to add one. Not quite sure what it is either yet...

I've been trying to make it where you can shoot by pressing ONLY one or the other, but it seems not to work...

The trees are a nice toutch. What is the blue thing that is chasing me?

My freind was asking me about some of my games that I have made, and he wanted to know how many views I get on avrage a day; I could not do this. I think it would be a good idea to see (eg: a red bar) visual avrage of the views you roughly get over a given time.

-A fan of this website

This  gam was not for Ludum Dare 42...

This was:

If I come in first or second, how will I get the pizza, will it be a coupon?

For any questions.

Amazing idea!

Nice music.

The music has a nice relaxing quality.

The music is kind of anoying. The piano part is unpredictable.

You should put that this is only for windows. I have a mac, and was hoping to play this :(

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You should add the fullscreen button in the publisher and upload your source code.

What do you mean by spoilers?

Why HKJ?


HKJ Game Jam #2 community · Created a new topic FAQ
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Is there a theme?

Are you alowed to join after the jam starts?

Can you use pre-made assets?

Are you alowed to work in a team?

Is there a limit to how many questions you can post?

Can you make more than one game?

When can you start to make the games?