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Thanks! I watched the video and I thank your patience while playing. The vague descriptions sounded like a good idea when I made the game, but then again I was half sleep deprived throughout. Cheers! :D

Thanks! I needed a way to dispose of them with the mechanics I had, and this came to my mind :)

Thanks for playing! :D That nostalgic feeling was exactly what I was going for! I'm glad that feeling came across. I was going to add a short level about how to use the gun but you know, time flies :)

Great game! I loved the castle, the jumping sequence there was nicely arranged and it was a lot of fun. I loved the jump + teleport puzzle on the third level, but unfortunately I couldn't get past it. Somehow I jump much lower after the teleport. I agree with Kenney, refining the controls would make the game much better. :)

I loved the hover mechanics. Learning to turn takes some time but after you manage, it's quite satisfactory :)

I got stuck in the first moving platform, somehow I couldn't bring it to close distance. Maybe I should have had a speedy jump onto it, lol. 

I loved the water! Spotting aliens was a little bit difficult but I collected all of them. I agree with Kenney, having a bit more to do on the sea level would improve the game tremendously. I loved the space episode, it was so much fun! :)

I had some difficulty understanding how to play. Then I picked up and got going but a temporal storm came and ended the game! I shall play it again to get the hang of it :D

The game setup is really good, I loved the UI. Great work! :)

I liked the game! The level with the tower to the right at the beginning was a bit hard (I'm talking about that stone after the meteor) but I enjoyed playing. It would be comfortable if the plane flied a wee bit higher though, because many times I feared I would clash, and did not!

Absolutely fantastic! I couldn't beat the game but I can see myself coming back to play this one quite often! :)

Very nice game, and a fun mechanic. I could play more levels :)