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Manipulate time while completing a circuit as fast as possible!
Submitted by jaselito — 15 minutes, 11 seconds before the deadline
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Fun game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the Kenney Jam games, if you’d like to take a look :)


Good idea to mix the time travel idea with a racing game! Flying around felt great and it was interesting to figure out how to get past an obstacle.

What was good:

  • Good vehicles physics, flying felt great!
  • Interesting gameplay (to see time mixed with a racing game)

What can be improved:

  • Audio would make it more exciting
  • Next to time forward/backward for the world add the option to pause the world time

Thanks for playing and reviewing, Kenney! (and hosting :P). Yeah, I'll be putting audio to this and will try to make the level a little less visually boring. 

By pausing the world time, do you mean letting the player fly around while the world sits still? Wouldn't that make it too easy?

Thanks again, this was my first jam and I had a lot of fun with it!


Yeah but pausing would also deduct from the time timer.


Hmmm maybe at a larger timer cost... might work. I just fear that it would make the other world time mechanics unappealing for the player...


I loved the hover mechanics. Learning to turn takes some time but after you manage, it's quite satisfactory :)

I got stuck in the first moving platform, somehow I couldn't bring it to close distance. Maybe I should have had a speedy jump onto it, lol. 


Thanks for playing! Remember to use the right/left arrows to get the platform to a better position, or you can always rewind with the space bar and try again :)


Cool aesthetics, really liked the hovering effect, reminded me of Wipeout games.

I really thought I could go under the swinging "gate" hazards but I just kept bugging into it, and deflecting to wrong angles. I think some airbrakes would be needed to make it a more controlled racer. I liked how reversing time just allowed to correct the mistakes if you hit the grass and couldn't steer anymore, my game also had a similar dynamic.

My record is 0:00.32 (reversing time right after start line). First run I think I skipped a bunch of stuff and ended up hitting the goal from the wrong side too


Haha, yeah, I was aware of the cheat with hitting the goal from the wrong side and/or not traveling the whole course, but didn't have time to implement a counter for it (though it shouldn't be hard).

You can't go under the swinging gates. These (and most course obstacles) are what the second time travel mechanic is there for. Using the left and right arrow keys, you can let the world move in time around you, so that you get a convenient configuration of the obstacles.

Thanks for playing! (and again for the assist on Discord for submitting the game)


Nice go with the time travel mechanics. Rely liked the game. Thought very frustrating to not be able to steer on the grass. Good work.


Thanks for playing! Hmmm I might change it so that you can steer on grass after all...


This is actually really good! However, I'm having some major issues with controls while off the course, to the point that it was difficult to get back onto the course. I understand the idea of constricting the player while outside to keep players on track, but perhaps reducing their top speed while still allowing them their ability to steer would be a better route to go.


Just want to add after having gone through a couple of laps, this is really fun! I enjoy the time controls, and some of the surprises on the track were really exciting!

Developer (1 edit)

My first comment! Yay! :)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wanted the player to have to rewind time to get back on the track instead of just coursing through the grass (the idea is that you get a second chance at taking that hard turn; also, in the meta the track and the ship form the hovering system :P). Will consider changing it, though.

What's your best time? I suck at my own game and can't get it below 5:30 lol


I got down to about 4:03 on my second go around!


We have a reigning champion!