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just the $5.00 is fine! or if you received the sound effect pack in a bundle, that works too. no royalties required.

and, hey, if your game makes it big (and you're feeling generous), i'd be open to donations. but no pressure, just whatever you or your team are comfortable with.

best of luck with your game!

Hello game devs!

If you are looking for oldschool sound effects for your animals and creatures, check out this pack! The 151 Retro Monsters SFX Pack is inspired by Pokemon and 16bit RPGs. 

Here's some the contents included:

     ▪ 8 alien sfx

     ▪ 50 animal sfx

     ▪ 24 human sfx

     ▪ 16 mechanical robot sfx

     ▪ 40 monster sfx

     ▪ 13 supernatural entity sfx

All for the [hopefully reasonable] price for $5 USD.

Anyway, I hope you find these sound effects to be useful for your own projects! You can check out the pack at the link below:

Hey there everyone! I wanted to let you know that 777bit Records has just opened up. We are a label primarily focused on chiptunes, ambient music, and video game soundtracks, so definitely keep an eye out if you're interested in that! And with the release of the label, we have a dreamy retro debut album out as well.

Check us out at:

If you want to send in a demo, drop us a message on twitter:

(Below: Cover art for Pathless, away from all we know by 777bit)

Hmm, I wasn't sure what the objective was. Was it just to survive the onslaught? 

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Had a pretty decent cycle with some lucky patterns. 

That's a neat take on the original game.  Later rounds would be less tedious if the game naturally sped up after each round, cause it becomes more of a test of patience rather than a test of memory.

Nice job with the cutscenes! I had a hard time with the field of view being so small/ the flashlight only shining to the right, that made it a little difficult to play.

My favorite part was the sound, the ominous droning worked well! The labyrinth was maybe a little too big, though, seeing that there wasn't any checkpoints or saving.

Great character designs! The art, music, and story worked pretty well together, too. 

The games got a fun energy to it. Nice graphics too. But, for me, the writing clashed with the gameplay. 

I think I had something similar, with falling through the ground. For me that was the 2nd part of the cave, when the game introduces invisible enemies that you have to use your flashlight to see (by pressing the F key). That part was a little confusing and I had to look into the game's description for the controls. 

Nice catch, barkunjgames!

Easter egg spoiler: There is also special audio if you enter in (oɹǝz oʍʇ ɹnoɟ). 

This game has so much character to it, the writing and goofy voice acting--it's all great! Hope you continue with this concept!

I like the wacky art & audio, but the gameplay was more frustrating than it was fun for me.