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Congrats to the top 10! 

Despite not making it to the finals, we received so much great feedback! Thanks to everyone who gave our entry a shot :) Looking forward to seeing the results!


:O Thanks for the list! I really appreciate it! Hoping that we can get some feedback on Note To Self :) 

Thanks for the feedback, leapingdeer! We will look into the issues that you brought up :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and we have many more ideas in mind for interesting puzzles that we want to make a reality!

Thanks! We definitely have more puzzles planned :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)

"If you want to get our of here alive: USE EVERYTHING AT YOUR DISPOSAL."

Inspired by ARGs and puzzle games that require thinking outside the box, we present to you the demo of Note To Self by 

ArcDawn and OutOfCharacters!


  • Collage Style Presentation
  • Brainteasers and puzzles that can break out of the confides of the game
  • A weird tutorial character, a dark past, and... ANIME GIRLS?



The current build is a demo we submitted for Degica's Indie Game Making Contest 2018. We would appreciate all feedback so that we can continue to improve and polish the game! We have many more crazy puzzles planned and with your help, we can make those a reality :)


I've updated the dev log with a walkthrough in case anyone gets stuck while playing. Read at your own risk!

If you are completely stuck, please check out the walkthrough on my dev log at your own risk.

We hope you enjoyed the Note To Self demo! We would appreciate any feedback you guys have for our game :)

Oh crap, I left in that line of dialogue for the cat, whoops :O (It's not really supposed to be there, it's test dialogue so nice catch!) There's probably a lot of things that I haven't gotten to polish unfortunately but thank you for the feedback. It's probably not the best idea to discourage players from attempting to solve the puzzles.

The piano plays a snippet of music so it would seem like it wasn't doing anything if the audio is off. The input is actually not in that room which can be a bit un-intuitive . The phone mechanic is meant to give players who aren't familiar more clues to figure out the puzzles but I haven't written those in yet so that's on us.

For the scripts, it's an event script that I used from a tutorial,  but I guess I could post it if you know anything about it. 

I really appreciate all of this detailed feedback. Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much for your feedback!

The barricade was unintentionally placed above the player in the current build, so I accidentally let people into rooms that they weren't supposed to go into. 

We were pretty crunched for time as our team members were dealing with things outside the game jam, so we ended up having to cut a lot of components to the game just to put something up in time.

Some issues we were looking into were RPGMaker script failures as that is the sole reason that I had to cut out three of the puzzles. (The script broke the game) The current ending is written too, but due to the time crunch I was not able to include it into the final build.

I was hoping to figure out the errors just so I could fix the game and make it playable as intended sometime but I'm glad that there are people actually giving the game in its current state some feedback! 

Do you think that puzzles should be toned down? From the early testing phases, most people have been able to successfully get past the first 2 puzzles. I'm also wondering what you thought about the life drain mechanic.

Thanks again!