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A brainiac is forced to solve puzzles before her time is up.
Submitted by arcdawn — 5 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline

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  • Did not pass screening: Early Game Crash.

    Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 450: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'event' for nil:NilClass

Team Members
Indignant Toaster

RPGMaker VX Ace

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

You've got a game ending bug :( Touching most of the objects in the room with the bears pops up an error message.

So to review what I've seen, hm... It's certainly not a game I can imagine people getting through without having pen and paper to hand to jot things down. I like a challenge, but I can't say the atmosphere gripped me. I didn't feel sympathetic to any of the characters.  It might be nice to have an emoset for Aimee.

I wasn't entirely sure if I was actually supposed to enter the bear room since there was a barricade, but I could still access it. I hadn't quite figured out what to do with the piano puzzle yet, but you can't return from the bear room, so I found your 'antidote' instead. I know this is a 'demo', but was that the current ending?  It felt very incomplete, but hopefully without the stress of the IGMC deadline you'll have time to figure out what was going wrong and develop this some more :)


Thank you so much for your feedback!

The barricade was unintentionally placed above the player in the current build, so I accidentally let people into rooms that they weren't supposed to go into. 

We were pretty crunched for time as our team members were dealing with things outside the game jam, so we ended up having to cut a lot of components to the game just to put something up in time.

Some issues we were looking into were RPGMaker script failures as that is the sole reason that I had to cut out three of the puzzles. (The script broke the game) The current ending is written too, but due to the time crunch I was not able to include it into the final build.

I was hoping to figure out the errors just so I could fix the game and make it playable as intended sometime but I'm glad that there are people actually giving the game in its current state some feedback! 

Do you think that puzzles should be toned down? From the early testing phases, most people have been able to successfully get past the first 2 puzzles. I'm also wondering what you thought about the life drain mechanic.

Thanks again!



I'm using MV so I'm not really familiar with scripts, but I know that common causes of errors are from scripts conflicting with each other, being in the wrong order, or being the wrong version. Testing things in blank projects usually helps, if there's a crash there, you can take a guess that there's something wrong with the script itself and seek help.

I think the puzzles do rely on the player having a certain level of background knowledge and patience to sit down and think. It might not be for your average player, but as long as they can actually be solved (have seen a game where only the dev would know the answers :S), I think people will still take it on. If you're worried about making the game accessible to more people, having a strategy guide/extra hints somewhere will help those who still want to play and just got themselves a little lost. My problem with the piano puzzle was after reading the sheet music, I headed to the piano thinking there'd be an input screen, but there was just a long pause and I thought it'd crashed. (Was I just supposed to type directly?)

Life drain I can take or leave. Not really sure if it was doing damage over time or just by the number of steps. I found it more annoying than intense, but I guess it was a means to an end in your story to make the player more interested in finding the solution and antidote. As I said, the atmosphere wasn't quite there for me. I was annoyed that the cat told me to 'get fucked' since I didn't feel it was very encouraging to try again. Of course there are some people who are fuelled by negativity and will take it as a challenge to fight and prove themselves, but I'm sensitive and prefer to be positively encouraged XD So the atmosphere not clicking with me is not a fault of the game, it was just a matter of personal preference.


Oh crap, I left in that line of dialogue for the cat, whoops :O (It's not really supposed to be there, it's test dialogue so nice catch!) There's probably a lot of things that I haven't gotten to polish unfortunately but thank you for the feedback. It's probably not the best idea to discourage players from attempting to solve the puzzles.

The piano plays a snippet of music so it would seem like it wasn't doing anything if the audio is off. The input is actually not in that room which can be a bit un-intuitive . The phone mechanic is meant to give players who aren't familiar more clues to figure out the puzzles but I haven't written those in yet so that's on us.

For the scripts, it's an event script that I used from a tutorial,  but I guess I could post it if you know anything about it. 

I really appreciate all of this detailed feedback. Thank you so much :)