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Four Before Midnight is a Cinderella-themed point-and-click game with a focus on comedy, puzzles, and time travel.

It’s the night of the royal ball! A night of excitement, festivities, and romance—as well as gruesome death for everyone in the castle, unless the irresponsible fairy godparent Ivy can change their fates.

Explore the castle, eavesdrop on its many inhabitants, and solve elaborate puzzles through careful (or not-so-careful) magical meddling. Everything in the castle is interconnected in ways that may not be obvious at first glance: turning candy into bananas might result in a broken statue, and revising a painting could lead to accidental arson.

Armed with just four minutes, your brains, and a time-traveling clock, can you bring this story to its happily ever after?

Now available with a 20% launch discount through this Saturday

Thank you for the aid in bug-testing! Your sleuthing is extremely helpful, and definitely indicates that the issue is in the label-saving code, rather than that specific interaction. Once I work out what exactly is causing the error, I'll be sure to issue a patch. Until then, please let me know if you run into any other issues, and I'll do my best to resolve them!

That error's had me stumped for a while as well—I've never encountered it before, and haven't been successful in my attempts to replicate it either, so any info is useful in figuring it out.

In the code, the "jamp_1"-and-so-on strings are set when you click on an item from Stuff after being prompted. These strings take the name of the label you were in when you triggered the stuff prompt, and then append ".req1" (and so on). In your case (the key on the string), the jamps should have been set as "check_parlor_1.req_1", and so on.

When working correctly, the jamps are then used to route the game to the correct outcome of your Stuff selection. They're not used at all if there's no unique dialogue for the selected Stuff, and each Stuff prompt has unique dialogue for only 3 of the 6 Stuffs, which would be why How 2 Metric doesn't cause the error. If you were interacting with, for example, the mirror in the bathroom, then 1, 2, and 3 would correspond to the mask, book, and gun, and the other three Stuffs would give you the generic message.

If the jamps were set with "_return" instead of "check_parlor_1", it means that the system that registers the current label encountered a bug somewhere. Unfortunately, that's as far as I've gotten—I suspect it has something to do with internal labels that Ren'py uses, but I'm not certain.

At present, my first suggestion would be to go to the bathroom, use the gun on the mirror, and then attempt to get the key again. If the problem persists, that would mean there's something wrong with that particular Stuff prompt, which would narrow it down considerably.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience! Please let me know if you continue encountering this error.

You can find the list in the Spoiler-Light Walkthrough, under the list of downloadable files. I hope it's of use!

Sorry for the trouble! I've uploaded a walkthrough PDF that lists all the endings and their item pairings, which I hope will be of use. The only spoilers in it are the puzzle solutions and the titles of the endings.

Sorry to have caused you any alarm! This game was made using Ren'Py, which apparently has caused false positives before on VirusTotal. I assure you that the game doesn't contain any viruses.

If you're interested, there's been some discussion on the Ren'Py form about this (