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Hello there! Any updates?

I read it today, sterling stuff! Well done!

I may have caught a typo: on page 23, on the very first line of the Primary Campground description, I think it should be "assortment" instead of "assorted"

I just read the game and it looks really cool, might become my go-to game for one-shots. Just one thing, I don't understand what happens when a character gets a promotion. How do we decide what they get?

I laughed perhaps too hard at these silly jokes


Hey! I saw this when you were crowdfunding, but I wanted a physical copy and I'm not in the US. Is there anywhere where I can get it?

As one of the few people who knew it was you (I don't remember how I know; someone spoiled in the notes to a Tumblr post or a YouTube comment) I'm glad to see the cat out of the bag. These have been my favourite work of yours since Space Funeral

Looking great! (Although I must admit I'm intrigued by what an Analgesic H-game would end up looking like... 😅😅)

This is pretty cool, and it's like it was tailor-made for me. Thanks, I loved it

I liked this game, also, bone pun

Thanks! I'll grab a community copy and try to buy it you've set up your store!

I'm Brazillian, is this available anywhere where I wouldn't need to pay in USD?

Nice, thank you!

(I guess those words have always been there in front of every community copy and I just... never noticed them? I feel weird)

Wow, I was really confused! Thanks for clearing it up

"Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive."

How much is the special price point? Could you say if the something exclusive includes Spiral, that's part of the Soul Muppet physical bundle?

Nicely done. I'm glad to know the spiderweb level will now be as tense as it should be.

This game is pretty awesome. I can hardly believe it was made in seven days.

The only major problem I see is that quite a few enemies can attack from outside the screen, and there's nothing you can do if their projectiles move fast.

An excellent reason!

I don't have any problem with that whatsoever, but I find it in funny that in, where I've dowloaded things that can be very reasonably described as games but that were called 'worlds' or 'experiences' or 'museums', this is a thing that decides to call itself a game

That said, great work. Loved it

Achei magnífico 🤩

Mas não consegui achar mais que um final, queria uma dica

No, thank you! I hope you can fix these issues, the game looks fantastic!

That's the first (and only) thing his balloon says. The messages on top of it are all 'line' and a code. I can note down the exact ones if you'd like.

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All right! I downloaded it and gave it a try, and didn't get stuck where I got stuck anymore. However, as soon as the camera focuses on my character, I can't move. I can dismiss the message that pops up but can't do anything with my character other than spin around, and can't interact with the hawk. I took a screenshot but can't seem to post it.

Edit: Tried again and managed to post this screenshot of where I get stuck

Sure can! I'm the awful kind of PC gamer that when asked what is my rig would reply 'a black one', so I don't know what you want exactly by 'specs' XD so I went to Can You Run It and got this data:

Video card: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz

RAM: 8.0 GB

I'm on Windows 10 running the .exe, as I said.

Hope this helps, I can give more info if needed!

Hey, just adding my name to the list of people who can't play. After the introductory text there's a prompt for me to press A (or Space), but it doesn't do anything. I'm also on Win10, but launching from the .exe.

Game does look fantastic!

I only downloaded the free playsheets and I'm looking through them, but I must say I'm impressed with the move The Best-Laid Plans. It's an ancient roleplaying tradition and it makes me happy to see it officialized and put so succintly.

Yeah, I think that's the best conclusion possible. There are things that are games, and there are things that aren't games, and there are a lot of things that live in a nebulous state in which they may be a game or not depending on context.

I'm not sure about that. What about chess? Is the unknown information the opponent's future moves? And what about peg solitaire - which one can certainly argue stops being a game if you know the trick to clear the board every time?

You got me to love and hate that boss very quickly. Well done. 👏👏👏👏