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Thanks for the quick response. I will take a look at the code and see if what I can do to add the multi language support into the editor.

For the font to use, the safest(without license issue) font to pickup with for eastern character set would be Google's Noto Sans series, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Will the tool support non western character such as Chinese in the near future?

Hello Kirill,

After I load back the project from cloud storage, I can not edit any text, pressing "Edit" won't work. Is the project being read-only? I can add scene, but can not add or modify text.

For the shark, originally, we thought to make a walking shark. But due to the limit support of art resource, we had only normal shark. Still, we want to make it attack player even on land.

For camera control, we didn't have enough time to fine tune. If the project continues, this might get adjusted.

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We are aware that back to the main menu will cause UI not receiving click input due to the use of New Input System. We provide a temporary workaround by using shortcut key, S stands for Start, C stands for Credits and Q stands for Quit for main menu.




Hello, I develop game mostly in Unity. Thinking to use Unity for this jam, rather than Ren'Py or other visual novel tools. However, starting all over from scratch may slow down the development; I may use certain licensed plugins in Unity.  If you ever need a programmer utilizing Unity, please contact me via discord.

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This game is really fun to play, but it is very challenge. For example, as scissor, although can nail down paper very easily and can do so quickly, when the balance breaks, rock will be very hard to deal with.

Understood, thanks.

Unity starts to make assets available via package manager. Are assets such as TextMesh, New Input System considered to be ok?