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Yes, enjoy.  And please feel free to post about your game here so others can see what you were able to do with it.  Thanks!

Sorry!  I thought I responded to this back when you asked it.  You can post links or images right on this comment board of whatever you create. 

If you're here, something terrible must have happened!  Trinket Tinker has been testing on multiple Android and Windows systems, but no two environments are every alike!  Please give as much detail as you can about the problem or error you experienced, and the developer will let you know if anything else is needed in order to resolve the issue.  Thanks!

Share your favorites from your Trinket Tinker gallery with your fellow users and crafters. 


When you post, there is a button at the end of the toolbar that allows you to upload an image.  Click it, upload your screenshot, and you're done!

Please note:  inappropriate uploads will be removed without notice.

Loving Trinket Tinker?  Have some ideas or questions for the developer?  Want to share tinkering tips with other users?  All that stuff and just about anything else goes here!  Be nice and enjoy!

You can use it for crafts, games, presentations, or anything you want to make really.  If you want to share a picture here, leave a comment and you'll see there are buttons on the comment toolbar that let you upload an image, add a link, video, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I'm glad you like the kit.  If you buy it, I'd be interested in seeing what you create with it. 

Thanks for the feedback!  I try to design multi-purpose assets to increase the value without increasing the price, but I understand everyone has different budgets.  It's not clear how many people actually buy assets on this site.  If you have ideas about how I (and other designers) can meet your needs but still earn a fair wage, I would be very interested in hearing them.  Smaller bundles, maybe?

Yes, I know, but thanks for comment.  I guess I figured that this was a trustworthy and supportive community that would want a clear idea of what they were paying for.  Most professionals appreciate it, and I doubt those who would steal it would be willing to pay in the first place.  But, I guess I'll change them and see if it makes a difference. :-)

I agree that it's not good to tell all about yourself online - there are some jerks and creeps out there.  However, I wouldn't go so far as hiding your gender like it's a liability or something.  That might feel safer, but does nothing to further the cause of getting female game devs/players seen as equals.  You can't shine if you hide your light.  The more visible and confident (but not arrogant) women are in what they do, the sooner it will be seen as normal, and the better for all women, regardless of the industry.

Hello!  Another female here, and I agree with your point about "oppression."  Just because certain types of people (gender identity, race, nationality, etc.) aren't heavily involved in something doesn't mean there's a problem.  It's a big world and there's lots to do in it.  However, when it comes to a single website, like or any other, it's hard to know exactly who is using it and in what way.  Not everyone has a gender-specific username (intentionally or not), and many people visit but aren't visible in the community.  Also, the user population can depend on the company's marketing strategy, which may slant things quite a bit.

On the plus-side for female involvement, you can't ignore the offline presence of female friends, girlfriends, spouses, team members, and so forth who assist and support the devs who come to the site, but may not have an active account of their own.  Whether they advertise it or not, there are plenty of guys who probably couldn't or wouldn't do what they do without us (and possibly vice versa). ;-)

Anyway, nice to meet another lady game dev here.  I mostly work in Unity with C# (some 2D, some 3D), and make offline games and game assets, as well.  Feel free to reach out anytime.

Hi, all!  Just wanted to share my latest release of game assets -- Build-A-Gadget -- a 120+ piece kit filled with buttons, switches, lights, and other cool components for creating interactable game  mechanisms.  Please have a look, and enjoy the free sample pack if you'd like to try before you buy.

Also, if you missed it, check out the Build-A-Book kit.  Both kits are great tools for creating detailed and realistic game objects in point & click puzzles, RPGs, and more!

If you find these types of assets useful, please let me know.  Feedback and requests are always welcome.  Thanks!

Hello!  I just published a beta release of a fun little slot machine game called Lucky's Lucky 7 Slots.   It was created using Unity3D, coded in C#, and features my own original graphics.  This is my first build for Android, and I'd appreciate any testers out there willing to give me some performance feedback from their device(s), as well as how you like the game, in general.  If all goes well, I'm planning to use it as a foundation for other slots games, and possibly release the code in a DIY asset.  So, let me know what you think!  Thanks!

You can download the .apk here: Lucky's Lucky 7 Slots

Here's a clip:

I'm a huge fan of old school paper games, and intend to check this one out.  I don't have the dice, though, and will have to use some online ones...  Something to think about.  If players need something other than 1d6, maybe include an alternate way of obtaining rolls, like a random number table for dropping a pencil on, a printable/foldable die, or a spinner.  Regardless, good for you for keeping the classic format alive! :-)

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Hey, everyone!  I'm a long-time multimedia designer and game maker, and I just published my first asset pack on -- an Inventory Panel Set.  It includes a couple of briefcases, bags, a backpack, and some other UI elements.  I get tired of seeing generic inventory UIs, and wanted to put out an alternative that wouldn't break story continuity.  I hope you like it.  Even if you can't download it (at $2.99), have a look at the screenshots and demo clips and please let me know what you think.  I hope to publish some other assets soon, and value any feedback from the community.  Thanks!

Inventory Panel Set

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