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NEW: Build-A-Gadget kit for DIY gadgets and puzzles

A topic by A Playful Mind created Aug 27, 2017 Views: 216 Replies: 5
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Hi, all!  Just wanted to share my latest release of game assets -- Build-A-Gadget -- a 120+ piece kit filled with buttons, switches, lights, and other cool components for creating interactable game  mechanisms.  Please have a look, and enjoy the free sample pack if you'd like to try before you buy.

Also, if you missed it, check out the Build-A-Book kit.  Both kits are great tools for creating detailed and realistic game objects in point & click puzzles, RPGs, and more!

If you find these types of assets useful, please let me know.  Feedback and requests are always welcome.  Thanks!

Interesting. :) It would be quite easy to remove your water marking though...

Yes, I know, but thanks for comment.  I guess I figured that this was a trustworthy and supportive community that would want a clear idea of what they were paying for.  Most professionals appreciate it, and I doubt those who would steal it would be willing to pay in the first place.  But, I guess I'll change them and see if it makes a difference. :-)

Yup. :) I think it is. Your art looks great! Sadly I have little money or else I'd probably buy it. :P

Thanks for the feedback!  I try to design multi-purpose assets to increase the value without increasing the price, but I understand everyone has different budgets.  It's not clear how many people actually buy assets on this site.  If you have ideas about how I (and other designers) can meet your needs but still earn a fair wage, I would be very interested in hearing them.  Smaller bundles, maybe?


Small bundles would be great! I find when developing without an engine huge amounts of assets can be somewhat overwhelming (And costly.) As well as being somewhat cumbersome to include in my code. e.g. Organizing everything into a nice file structure when you have 100s of assets (Not fun.)