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Hey, fun game and good sound track.

I know you also have used Godot.  Glad to see another libGDX 3D submission. 

If you want to enable anti-aliasing in the libGDX GWT launcher just set the config.antialiasing to true.

GwtApplicationConfiguration cfg = new GwtApplicationConfiguration(true);
cfg.antialiasing = true;

This should smooth out the jaggies.

Hello, is libGDX-Graph compatible with GTW/HTML?

Great work.  Found your videos on how to import Blender models into libGDX.  Awesome!  You are inspiring me to do a 3D game next. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind words Sandra.  This was my first JAM ever and still very new to libGDX and game development. 

I should have been more ambitious in scope as I  finished  a few days before the deadline.    I was too cautious. 

Backgrounds are shaders.  Raeleus videos taught me how to use them in libGDX.

I contacted support 2 days ago without any response.  How long does it usually take for a response?



It has been over a week and my game has not been indexed and does not show up in the search.  I have done everything in the FAQ and triple checked.

People trying to download get a warning about suspicious behavior by the page owner  (me).  Can you please tell me what I need to do to get game searchable?  What suspicious behaviors is referring to? Thanks.