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Thanks, Roy! (I only just realised that people could comment here!)

This is an amazing entry. Great graphics and interesting gameplay - challenging yet balanced. Nice level design as well, with a good difficulty curve.

A great spin on the source material, as well. Also congratulations for the female protagonist.

Oh, and I really liked the various death animations.

My only criticism was that sometimes the isometric angle, darkness and wall/floor textures meant I got very confused at certain points where the floor ended and the wall began.

Overall an outstanding submission.

@norbez Ah, now that I know how you did the art I love it even more! With regards to a branch, I would have put one where you could either select The Levitator or The Hummingbird and it was just a pic of the hummingbird from a different angle. And then the branch merges back. Just a small, simple thing.

The painterly artwork is gorgeous and suits the prose very well. I agree that using the pages to break up the poem worked very well, too.

Also, an excellent choice with the poem itself.

I would have liked to have seen maybe one option to choose a different path (perhaps with just one different drawing).

A beautiful entry for the PD Jam.

Thanks for your feeback, Norbez. Much appreciated.

This was a bit of an experiment with several things, including the layout. I've updated the instructions a bit so it's clearer to set the browser to full screen.

I saw your game there in the jam! Will check it out and leave feedback a little later.

Excellent work! Satisfyingly disturbing.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Norbez. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


The all-black word is intentionally blank. You can click on it though, to read the final line in the story.

Hi! I really liked your Twinyjam entry. The music enhances the mood of the story perfectly.


That sense of choice for the kill is somewhat empowering and terrifying. I played through 3 times to see how you handled that. Nice wok.

And finally, thanks for your kind words on Whisper. I'll answer you question about it back there as well but yes, that "word" is deliberately all-black. You can click on it to read the final line of the story.

Poignant and relevant.