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Thanks for playing :)) you’re game is tops btw

Thanks for playing :))

Thanks so much for playing :))

Thanks for playing :> it’s web, no need to download :) (if u haven’t played yet) it’s web, no need to download :) it’s web, no need to download :) it’s web, no need to download :) it’s web, no need to download :) it’s web, no need to download :) it’s web, no need to download :) Here you go :) Web based

Rated, animations and sprites looks amazing. Nice work

whoops :> Here you go :) Web based

Rated :) I liked the atmosphere, it was quite spooky. I did feel pretty lost, but I guess that was your intention. Also, my mouse sensitivity was insanely fast in the game? Regardless, really nice job :) Here you go :) Web based

just did :) Thanks for playing

The graphics looks amazing! Really impressed with how you managed to create all these assets in such a short time. Quite an innovating idea too. Nice work 

Yeah sure, here's mine. It's web based

Took me a bit to understand the controls, but was interesting to go play through. Nice work :)

Really nice graphics and audio. I felt that the modifiers were a bit frustrating, cause there was no way to predict them. Regardless though, nice work :) Web-based. No download required. It's fast paced and simple to learn. :) Very simple and fast-paced. Web-based, no need to download

Very innovating. Haven't seen something like this yet! Looks very polished too. Nice work ;)

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing :)

Hey thanks for playing :) Glad you enjoyed it

done :) Nice work

Thanks for playing :)

Downloading it now! My 'Eureka' moment was finally figuring out how to code a system that I had been stuck on for a few hours. Here is my web game :)

Hey thanks :) Just finished playing yours

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your highscore should still be saved when you open it back up

Just played. I liked the slow-down effect, even though it wasn't particularly useful as I could just keep moving just fine. Regardless, was pretty fun :) Nice work

Take a snip of it! I'll add you to the highscore list Here is my web game :) Here is my web game :)

Hey guys, if you want me to add your highscore to the itch page, just take a snip of your highscore as proof, and post it in the comments. The game should remember you highscore even if its been closed.

Quite a lot of people have been posting highscores on the itch page itself, aswell as the comment area for the ratings. Make sure you take a snip of your highscore as proof :)