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This has:

- 2 campaingns, in the form of 2 different planets, each with different units, blocks and slight deviations in base mechanics.

- multiplayer, both local and on servers

-third tower defense, third resource management, third trs

- great looking pixel art

- a lot of mods

The android version has a bug/missing feature: there is no clear way exit a menue/escape. This meant that if you navogated to somewhere where you had no options, like the social tab in the first combat, the game softlocks.

Kinda sketch in setup (windows)
My screen constantly flickers if I try switching monitors, secondary audio goes kinda bad.
Does not appear to be a virus, however feels a lot like one with all these incidental features

It has all the humor while not breaking character too much.
RIP Jazz world

Nice game, my biggest gripe is that the enemy's and hazards fit in too well with the rest, making them hard to spot in my opinion.

no worries, it happens. Multiple platforms tend to break if untested.

Might be my problem, however it does not seem to run.

I presume I open it by starting the index.html and pick my browser (brave, however also tried it with android internet). It just gives a black screen.

Love this game, will surely buy the steam version soon

Amazing game, well balanced, high variety and loads of stuff

Looks like my dnd notes at first glance, thanks for finding them.

Edit: not my notes, great idea though (:


Great game:

great game feel, and mechanically different options, really like it, even though it has a few rough edges:

- tends to lagg and then crash on some runs afther a while

- some descriptions do not contain numbers, thereby making the choice kinda jank, since you wont know the amount one option is worth.

otherwise a great coffee break devourer

Feels good to play, nice build diversity.

although on mobile the movement stick keeps shifting, getting "dragged" this is not great in my opinion. Also gets laggy and crashes about 1o min in (when a lot of crabs show up) first I thought maybe it was light burn and light slow causing lagg, however a bullets go brrr build had the same problem, it even stays laggy while paused, still a great game though

I know it was not intended for it, however running the web version on a phone is questionable, csnt even find other materials.

Also, idk for later levels, but dangly roads (no support, curve to support itself) seams to work on at least the first level

The itch page has some strange eglish, especially the "the staves you have at your disposal" paragraph

I was like: look at this adorible imp, and slime, and other enemy's, they all so cute and colorful.

Then the first boss rocked up and now I want the flee button to work more than ever, I cant, the thing is horrefying, good job

I like the look of the game, however have no idea what I am doing,
It seems I cant get past the first room,
My first try is to just float to the right (the hole with light) however there is a (invisible) wall there just before the edge of the screen,
I read what the game is about and thought maybe the room is the wrong pressure, so I tried both left and right click, I dont know which does which but they have cool trippy effects for air flow? having either option held for a while does not open the "door" nor does smashing into it with considirable speed,
It looks like a fun game, how can I get past the first room?

That difficulty spikes hard,

I do also probably love it for all the wrong reasons, the silly momentum building and being able to jump as an tombstone

Like the idea,
Did accidentally clip out of bounds during the first combat level, had hearts as weapon, rolled down into the lower barrier, could not get out.


I try to download it on windows 10, unpacked the game, and tryd to run the .exe without unpacking the .jar or making any other edits. using version but get the error message:

Error: Couldn't create window

additionally it says it failed to write an error report somewhere, how can I fix this?