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glad you had fun.

I'm glad you like it, I will try and work on some improvements once the voting stage is over.

Good idea. The ability to restart from the wave you died on

glad you like it!

Well done beating it, I'm glad you liked it

the game used to be far too easy, and we nerfed quite a bit. playing the game a ton probably skewed our view of it as we knew the strategies of how to beat it beforehand.

rated very highly would be happy if this game won

Fantastic game my absolute favourite in this game jam. Small bug where changing controls would not unbind previously changed controls making my w key be both up and right. Got all 6 ingerdiants and got the epic pumpkin guy congratulations screen. Such cool mechanics. 10/10


Tried hard to balance the game. So I'm glad you like the gameplay, and the art

Nah I actually really like this one its was simple and fun.
Beat it first try too :D

can change the controls, fantastic. 2 hearts is fine just dont get hit.

cool graphics funny pig attacked me, and it took me a while to figure out what the grabbing device dic