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About 15 hours

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked our game! It's great that you were able to complete the game! However, we cannot release the game in Google playstore, I'm sorry.

Wow! Victory!? Congratulations!

Hahaha thank you very much, that sounds cute! 

It's nice to know that you are carefully exploring the game, and not just going along the main line of the plot. You can make armor at Hann in a furnace in the city of Piata. I hope this works and I remember correctly.

Also thanks for finding a small bug. I am glad that he is not critical, and you can continue the game. If I understand the problem correctly, you can eat cakes for recovery.

Yes, it would be great if Sega approved this game ... but that's just a dream.

Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

Yes, the game is complete. I hope you enjoy the ending! I will wait for the final review! 

It’s a pity, but it seems that this truth is not a critical problem, I hope. ^_^'

Wow! I watched a new video! Interestingly, there were almost no problems. You found all the chests in this location - it's impressive! It would be easier if you had not forgotten to equip Shocker - this weapon for Emma is very effective against robots!

Thank you for taking the time to continue playing the game!

Go north from Piata and then turn east. There is the city Zema. There is a cave near this city - it is there! ^_^

Sorry, there is no world map in the game. Or are you asking about another card?

By the way, you went around all the cities that are currently available.

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Thanks, I watched it! You found some secrets, but you did not find Hann. Yes, definitely, it was worth changing the text when you get to the right city. Next you need to go to the academy in Piata.

I'm glad that you liked my experimental game!

And this is a very beautifully designed video!

Super! I agree with you about the real threat! And, of course, we look forward to continuing!

Thank you for the first video! Yes, this is definitely not a very good experience! xD I hope you will be more lucky next time.

In the beginning everything went perfectly, I was pleasantly surprised how carefully you explored everything around. And then, when more freedom appeared on the world map, problems began. You wandered far from where the story continues)) If you click on "Talk" in menu, there will be clues in which direction you need to go.

Please, if you find serious errors in the text that interfere, let me know about it!

And please - save as often as possible! The game allows you to save at any time except the battle! ^_^

OK! In any case, I am very interested in watching the video.
Of course, you will have problems, I will definitely help!

Were you playing with slow mode on?  If you were not, I'd suggest trying it for single player, enemies move and shoot at half speed.

Yes, I switched to slow mode! I guess I expected it to be even slower ^ _ ^

By the way, you can actually turn off blood spray in options!  It's in Audio/Graphics.

0_о It's great! I didn’t even think to look there.

I'm thinking of putting a play through up of your game on youtube. 

Good idea! ^_^

Do you have a discord we could talk on? doesn't have a direct message, I think some thing like discord would be easier to communicate. 

No, I do not have Discord. I still use Skype, as well as a bit of Facebook. I think we can try to chat somewhere there. But because of my weak English, I’m not sure that I will answer quickly enough.

It's cool that finally everything works!
Thanks so much for the test. It's great that you liked our game!

No, this is not a solo project. Yes, basically the truth was developed by one person. But there was a good support team. At different times, 4 composers, 4 programmers, and 3 translators worked on the game. Yes, this is unbelievable, but the game began to be developed in 2008. Yes, we have been making this game for a very long time as we have free time on enthusiasm. Now we can say that the game is almost over.

I do not know if the game works with the Xbox controller. It will be great if anyone can verify this. To switch to full screen mode, press Alt + Enter

First of all, I am concerned about the quality of translation into English, it has been tested very little, because I have almost no friends who are native speakers. It also worries me that there is little attention to our game. After all, we tried very hard.

Of course, I am grateful to you, so I gladly played your game and also wrote a review! Hope it will be helpful.

I played in single player mode. It was a little hard. I liked the logic levels. Levels of reaction speed created difficulties. I think, because it was hard for me to control several characters at once, dodging enemies.

The control buttons are convenient, except for the Enter button. I think it would be better restart - R button, and Enter - attack. I sometimes confused the two buttons and accidentally reset the level. I would also recommend adding a pause to the P button. Sometimes I had a desire to make a turn. But in this case, you will have to complicate the management. So I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

I would advise you to work on art. Visual style didn't attract me from the start. I did not like the effect of blood, I do not like this in games. It might be worth making it disconnectable. But this is a matter of taste. It's funny that Boopit looks like our planet Earth XD

The overall musical arrangement is normal. I really liked the music in the second world. Some sounds are too sharp, such as the sound of loading. It really annoyed my mom XD

The game focuses on the gameplay. This is certainly a strong point of the game. I must say that the game process is generally interesting and varied. I looked at all the worlds, each has its own mechanics and the idea is great!

I would also advise you to number the levels. In this case, I could easily say at what level it was easy for me and at what level it was difficult.

Several notes on individual levels

It's impossible. Level requires too quick reaction!

This is a bug! Characters sometimes stand on 1 cell and it is impossible to move.

At first I thought that the squares shut their mouths. But it turned out that they switch ... this button does not look like a switch. This is strange.

It was a shame!

3 world in singleplayer mode seemed impossible to me.

In the last world, the idea is cool, but this level is too complicated. If it were not for this guy upstairs, I would have passed him.

In conclusion, I believe that this game will look great on consoles! My friend was publishing something similar, such games are really popular.

Thank you for your feedback! This is bad news for me.

Have you played the version with the installer?

Hmm .. this is strange. Maybe the anti-virus program is buggy? It is packaged in exe, so some antiviruses may behave incorrectly.

I am very sorry, but neither one nor the other is impossible.

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Oh, this is very sad news. You probably need to install the font that is in the game folder.

I updated the game. There are two fonts in the folder.

Now the Steam version is available for free:

Good game!

Wow! Wonderful design of this page!

Many thanks! I am glad to meet on this site a person like me. Russian is my native language, too.>_<))