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Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

Yes, the game is complete. I hope you enjoy the ending! I will wait for the final review! 

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Thanks for the game :) If Sega is Lutz, then you are Rune. 

Unfortunately, I found a minor bug: there were two instances in which my party was healed but my skills were not restored. I had a plot party heal, and I took a free rest at the tent in Zema. Not having my skills restored made the underwater power plant boss more difficult, but I still barely managed.

I suspect that your skills do not restore unless you rest at an Inn.

Also, I just beat the Blind Sandworm, but I have no idea who in Tonoe will make me my special armor :(

Same thing in Torinco: a character rejoined my party with their HP and TP restored, but I had to rest at the Inn to restore their skills. 

Whew. I beat it :) The last dungeon was pretty creative, and the ending is satisfying but promises more adventure. Where are you Sega?!?! 

Also, please read this fan fiction: it's not mine, but it's my favourite Phantasy Star fan work ever :)


Wow! Victory!? Congratulations!

Hahaha thank you very much, that sounds cute! 

It's nice to know that you are carefully exploring the game, and not just going along the main line of the plot. You can make armor at Hann in a furnace in the city of Piata. I hope this works and I remember correctly.

Also thanks for finding a small bug. I am glad that he is not critical, and you can continue the game. If I understand the problem correctly, you can eat cakes for recovery.

Yes, it would be great if Sega approved this game ... but that's just a dream.

I don't know if cakes restore skills... Just TP. 

But yeah, I won anyways. 

The healing worked properly in the final dungeon.