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It's cool that finally everything works!
Thanks so much for the test. It's great that you liked our game!

No, this is not a solo project. Yes, basically the truth was developed by one person. But there was a good support team. At different times, 4 composers, 4 programmers, and 3 translators worked on the game. Yes, this is unbelievable, but the game began to be developed in 2008. Yes, we have been making this game for a very long time as we have free time on enthusiasm. Now we can say that the game is almost over.

I do not know if the game works with the Xbox controller. It will be great if anyone can verify this. To switch to full screen mode, press Alt + Enter

First of all, I am concerned about the quality of translation into English, it has been tested very little, because I have almost no friends who are native speakers. It also worries me that there is little attention to our game. After all, we tried very hard.

Of course, I am grateful to you, so I gladly played your game and also wrote a review! Hope it will be helpful.

Here!  I have the first video up!

What do you think?  Did I behave the way you expected a new player would?

I noticed a few spelling mistakes as well, but I was expecting that with the translation.

I think I lost some progress by game overing, lol!  xD

Thank you for the first video! Yes, this is definitely not a very good experience! xD I hope you will be more lucky next time.

In the beginning everything went perfectly, I was pleasantly surprised how carefully you explored everything around. And then, when more freedom appeared on the world map, problems began. You wandered far from where the story continues)) If you click on "Talk" in menu, there will be clues in which direction you need to go.

Please, if you find serious errors in the text that interfere, let me know about it!

And please - save as often as possible! The game allows you to save at any time except the battle! ^_^

Hahaha yeah I've got soft from all the auto saves in modern games.   xD

I actually don't mind that I got a bit lost, I had an idea of what I was looking for and I liked that the enemies in the outside world posed a real threat!  It sucks to game over, but without that being a real threat a game becomes trivial.  

No serious problems with the text so far, just spelling errors and some awkward phrasing.  Not enough to confuse me as to the main point of what the NPC's were saying.

I will give it ago again soon!  And I'll try the talk command!  :)

Super! I agree with you about the real threat! And, of course, we look forward to continuing!

Next video!

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Thanks, I watched it! You found some secrets, but you did not find Hann. Yes, definitely, it was worth changing the text when you get to the right city. Next you need to go to the academy in Piata.

Is there some sort of map I can collect somewhere?

Sorry, there is no world map in the game. Or are you asking about another card?

By the way, you went around all the cities that are currently available.

Heres the next part!  I'm not sure where to go after this xD