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Okay I feel like that last statement is a bit concerning. Hopefully you're still doing alright; making by and making it work in life and such,  at least you're talent isn't wasted.

Yup, I know that feeling. *Sigh still pretty fun I guess for what it's worth despite the immense rage felt for redoing every single test. 

No, I don't think it's the games' fault for being so difficult or even the developer's fault for setting the difficulty itself; it's probably just our fault for being too dumb to understand, well first of all the questions being given and second the thought process in finding the answer. I don't even think process of elimination is gonna help me that much in this, soo gotta hand it to my past gaming experience in visual novel games and obviously other games as well for learning the common skill  of save stating to desperately obtain a considerably good score of 4/5 in the test and nothing more, no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get...*sniff* a perfect score that's one incorrect answer away...dammit!

Holy Crap..! It's gonna be free?! Nicee but honestly I would have preferred to help out in any way for independent indie game developers or just regular ones like yourself, but sad to say I don't make my own money yet so I very much would like to apologize and say thank you nonetheless.

Why are all of your games make me CRY SO DAMN MUCH?! It's amazing that's why! God I gotta comment about the art style, absolutely gorgeous!

An wholly unique and artistic direction of portraying the deep and dark insights of suicidal thoughts and crippling depression; the type of of mindset, current state and point of view of the world, a person would have when they're at their absolute worst times in their life.  

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I can't express how much I absolutely ADORE this game; from the moment I opened to the very end of the game, I was taken for a RIDE I tell you. The music couldn't have been more engrossing, the characters and the story are all so straightforward and ordinary in their motives and actions yet so compelling in its own simplicity that I can't help but grow attached to a short minute introduction of each characters that I approach and interact with. Game developer/s I commend and praise you for the amazing end result of your efforts; I want and wish nothing more than to see the progression of development and the final full (hopefully free) release of this visual novel game.

This is a really good game, I had spent over 30 minutes trying to get an acceptable score in the barely 5 item quiz that would somewhat please my chemistry teacher crush, which ultimately just led me to utter frustration and disappointment over my  incomprehensibility and lack of basic common knowledge of the three fundamental branches of science even after being given a fairly good lecture in the game itself. But overall its a fun game, I give it a thumbs up. 

It kind of sucks how this is  just a prologue since this is a really interesting story- based game that I'm excited to know more about. Well done Boys Laugh + game developers; you have yet again left me yearning for more just like you did with your other just as equally fun and interesting game //TODO: today. Nevertheless, I still very much look forward to the development and release of this.

I'll still play and enjoy this despite it only being the demo.

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LOVED it! I haven't had such a good time or a good laugh in so long! This is such an absolutely charming story that is filled with quirky and weirdly likeable characters and almost all of them are. Plus this can satisfy some fellow yaoi and yuri fans of their craving s of a genuinely good, well-constructed, uncomplicated (if you don't count ostracized alien overlords...) and simple romantic story between to in-game OTP, and when I say "True", the people who played and "got everything out of what the game has to offer" knows what I mean by "True" (Sorry if my comment seems hard to understand).

Yup but aren't we all?

Hmm...I don't know if I should be proud of the fact that I quite literally and metaphorically  finally "won" at something in my life, and that's over successfully making a virtually programmed female character orgasm and satisfy by my character's hands and mouth. Not only that I even scored myself a girlfriend while spending countless pleasure-inducing nights with the same girl who's my now official in-game girlfriend. Huh, alright then uhh thank you game devs..! *thumbs up

I can't seem to launch your game @nkt v2, I request for some assistance as I very much WANT to play your game. 

I'm using PC Windows 7, also I was just asking a random question perchance that you might also be a fan of this series; a series not just known to be likeable but also a frustratingly and satisfyingly engaging reading experience plus you most likely won't get bored since its not a novel but a "manga".

Excuse me game developer, I believe I have ran into some slight issues with your game as I cannot properly launch open the game in my laptop. If possible, I would like to ask for some assistance with this (also random question, just ignore this if you don't know, have you watched and/or read "Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari" or The Rise of the Shield Hero?)

I haven't even played the game yet and I already feel this excited, thank you game developers and game itself! (Looking forward to it!)

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I honestly and thoroughly enjoyed the demo of the game, it reminded me so much of a short episodic anime series (might be because the character art itself resembles it quite a lot) or an evolving story that didn't give out too much of the main plot but provided just the right amount of details and content to keep the player or viewer interested enough to stick around till the end, players like me. I look forward to the full release of the game, that is  if I can afford it (hopefully). Nevertheless, I commend the team of game developers who worked on this visual novel game for the fun and enjoyment of playing it.

Is it possible to download this in windows, perhaps?

There you go and if there's anyway for you to give me some sort of hint or help to be able to play your game (cause I've been itching to play it but I sadly just can't), It would be greatly appreciated.

Uhm I can't seem to open the game after downloading it, also there's something that pops up that's in Japanese (should I screenshot it for you to see?)

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Okay so, since they're so many of you amazing people that worked on this game from music, design, writing to programming and game mechanics, I'm just gonna address you all in general as a team of game developers; ah-ah-ah *wags finger* an AWESOME team of game developers (excuse my dorkiness). 

Before I begin addressing elements of the game, I would just like to congratulate and commend the team for their end result with this project that must have surely taken weeks or maybe even months worth of work cause it just has that great quality of a game or (visual novel game, atleast).

1.) Music- From the moment you start the game, you would hear this somewhat cutesy and inviting melody that honestly just makes you wanna dance. As you continue on, the game shifts you to a more chill and relaxed vibe that the music provides. And then as you finally begin the story or in this case the prologue, a different melody arises that is almost a combination of the first two I mentioned; either way all three were great!

2.) Character Design- Loved them! Every single one of them! Plus the over all feel I got from them reminds me of the art style "Steven Universe meets Bee and Puppycat". It's almost like the developers took modern looking characters and "cutesyfied" them ten-folds. Bonus: Also love the choice of  starry-like themed backgrounds and atmosphere, developers!

3.)Story- So far, I'm excited for what's to come for good ol' Eddie here after encountering quiet an interesting bunch of fellows and gals at his locale bar's "speed friending" event, especially after meeting the one I'm most interested to *ehem* "get to know more" (a certain aloof and disheveled yet sexy man as well described by our adorable mc). 

Remarks: As much as I adored and enjoyed playing your game, developers. I have a small issue I'd like to bring up (If you don't mind) because after finishing my first session of speed friending in the game, I was immediately brought back to the main menu without ever having to go through the dream sequence (yet) which is rather important as it's literally in the title of the game. So if I didn't know any better, I would have just assumed that that was the end of the prologue. There was no indication from the game of requiring to replaying it a second time to be able to reach the dream sequence of the prologue. 

At the end of the day, what you have is a very enjoyable and fun visual novel game with intriguing characters and a (possibly) interesting story line for each romantic or platonic interest and an over all plot line.

PS: I used "(possibly)" because I have only played the DEMO of the game so I am not certain of giving a valid and reliable assessment to it (but still thoroughly enjoyed it for what little it can offer) plus I am one of those unfortunate people who CAN'T play the full game with payment!  T--T

-An Avid Gamer

Just finished playing the game, It's so cute and a great way to distract yourself along with releasing a bit of stress from your day. If only it had more endings though or just a "Hot Demon Lady Ending" would be enough ;)

Boys Laugh +  I plan to download this game again because I love and miss playing it very much but I'm scared that I may have to redo all of my progress on the story, so I gotta ask will I have to start over or will it let me start again from where I left of (for the second half of the story)?

Btw: You (all) are amazing for even successfully programming and writing such a great game with an interesting plot to go with!

(Finally able to express my thoughts on this game,couldn't before)To start of; story,art,humor is on point.I actually felt compassion for these characters (that I've only played overnight) especially anholly and seihou 's deaths.Looking forward to the rest of your series Batensan ^^ !!

Mmmmmm I love me some shōnen ai couples! also good job on your first game developer, had a blast playing :D