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Okay so, since they're so many of you amazing people that worked on this game from music, design, writing to programming and game mechanics, I'm just gonna address you all in general as a team of game developers; ah-ah-ah *wags finger* an AWESOME team of game developers (excuse my dorkiness). 

Before I begin addressing elements of the game, I would just like to congratulate and commend the team for their end result with this project that must have surely taken weeks or maybe even months worth of work cause it just has that great quality of a game or (visual novel game, atleast).

1.) Music- From the moment you start the game, you would hear this somewhat cutesy and inviting melody that honestly just makes you wanna dance. As you continue on, the game shifts you to a more chill and relaxed vibe that the music provides. And then as you finally begin the story or in this case the prologue, a different melody arises that is almost a combination of the first two I mentioned; either way all three were great!

2.) Character Design- Loved them! Every single one of them! Plus the over all feel I got from them reminds me of the art style "Steven Universe meets Bee and Puppycat". It's almost like the developers took modern looking characters and "cutesyfied" them ten-folds. Bonus: Also love the choice of  starry-like themed backgrounds and atmosphere, developers!

3.)Story- So far, I'm excited for what's to come for good ol' Eddie here after encountering quiet an interesting bunch of fellows and gals at his locale bar's "speed friending" event, especially after meeting the one I'm most interested to *ehem* "get to know more" (a certain aloof and disheveled yet sexy man as well described by our adorable mc). 

Remarks: As much as I adored and enjoyed playing your game, developers. I have a small issue I'd like to bring up (If you don't mind) because after finishing my first session of speed friending in the game, I was immediately brought back to the main menu without ever having to go through the dream sequence (yet) which is rather important as it's literally in the title of the game. So if I didn't know any better, I would have just assumed that that was the end of the prologue. There was no indication from the game of requiring to replaying it a second time to be able to reach the dream sequence of the prologue. 

At the end of the day, what you have is a very enjoyable and fun visual novel game with intriguing characters and a (possibly) interesting story line for each romantic or platonic interest and an over all plot line.

PS: I used "(possibly)" because I have only played the DEMO of the game so I am not certain of giving a valid and reliable assessment to it (but still thoroughly enjoyed it for what little it can offer) plus I am one of those unfortunate people who CAN'T play the full game with payment!  T--T

-An Avid Gamer