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I can't express how much I absolutely ADORE this game; from the moment I opened to the very end of the game, I was taken for a RIDE I tell you. The music couldn't have been more engrossing, the characters and the story are all so straightforward and ordinary in their motives and actions yet so compelling in its own simplicity that I can't help but grow attached to a short minute introduction of each characters that I approach and interact with. Game developer/s I commend and praise you for the amazing end result of your efforts; I want and wish nothing more than to see the progression of development and the final full (hopefully free) release of this visual novel game.


Yayyy~ I'm so glad you love this game! I don't update much about it, but currently, I'm drawing a custom set of sprites to enhance the experience. Hopefully my art style will suit the overall vibe. The essence of the game is to appreciate the little things in life, so I'm super happy that you're able to enjoy each character and tidbit of the story. When I do release it, it will be totally freeeee~! Thanks so much for your comment! 

Holy Crap..! It's gonna be free?! Nicee but honestly I would have preferred to help out in any way for independent indie game developers or just regular ones like yourself, but sad to say I don't make my own money yet so I very much would like to apologize and say thank you nonetheless.

Oh wow! Thanks so much for the support! I mean, when I do release this, I guess I  could make it "pay what you want" style where you would be able to donate some mula. That would actually help me out a lot... But we'll see! I understand what you mean about wanting to support your favorite artists though. I also don't make my own money, so I can't really support the way I'd like to... I can't even support myself yet AHAHAHA... HA... :'D

Okay I feel like that last statement is a bit concerning. Hopefully you're still doing alright; making by and making it work in life and such,  at least you're talent isn't wasted.


Oh! Haha, there's no need to worry! I don't have a real job because I'm a full-time student and I'd like to dedicate most of my time to studying, which is why I say I can't support myself yet lol. But thank you for your kind thoughts! I'm doing my best to continue doing things I love~! So far, it's working out well.