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Si, quiero cambiar sobre todo el ataque con la espada, demasiado lento. Mañana me pondré a repasar juegos que hoy estoy liado, me apunto el tuyo ;)

Buenas! Si puedes dejarme feedback ... Gracias!

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Gracias! Me gustaría continuarlo, a ver en que acaba...

De los controles que cambios/mejoras harías? A mi no me convencen los ataques a melé, demasiado lentos.

Jajajaja, lo conseguiste matar?

Hey, played the game. At first it was not sure which things could kill me and which not. Sometimes I felt like the randomness of the level makes you die if you are in the wrong position when it generates another block of obstacles (maybe im just bad). Also, I don't think I understand when it teleports, if there is something that triggers it. Think it needs a bit more polish on the procedural generation and more elements and you could have a good mobile game (not the best for a mouse haha).

This was my best score I got:

Yeah, playtesting is always needed. The link is from the artist of the game :)!

Thanks for playing our game. Watched your video, agree with most you said. The story is really fast paced with no context, true, was expecting more people talking about this. Would have loved to have time to being able to add more context, improve dialogs and slow everything a bit but we wanted to show as much as we could and there was no time for both.

Also agree with the combat, wanted to give a that area a reason to exist and we needed an area for the robot fight so chose it but immediately noticed the contrast would make it hard to see the robot attacks but there was no time to create a different area for it so that was it. Sorry for not having sounds, it would have also improved the 'ok, he is going to attack with this' so you don't have to memorize the battle, but we had no sound designers :\.  Anyways, I bought a humblebundle with lot of sounds so it can be made for next updates.

Wrote a FAQ here in the game page since most people negative comments have been on the same aspects, in case you wanna check it and thanks for beliving we have a strong base for a good complete game, I do believe it too.

I really think the game should run in most pcs (which pc you have?), you might wanna try downloading it and choosing a lower screen resolution, hope it works.

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Hey, thanks for playing it! About the choice, it wasn't bugged but there was only one because there was no time for making a battle with the BigScaryDude. Sorry for the robot battle being hard, can't be sure how hard it would be for people without playtesting from others, but most people finding it hard :\

Wrote a FAQ since problems most people have are all the same (

By the way, if you could please add to the youtube description video would be nice.

Haha, don't worry. I'm thinking on creating some kind of FAQ since most critiques are on the same aspects. About the clicking problem, never happened to me, maybe it is just in web, will try to recreate it.

I'll give you feedback in your entry later today and thanks for playing our game.

Thanks! All the art was done by

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on it!

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Hey! Thanks for playing it and the feedback.

About the option bug, it wasn't, there was only that option because there was no time to make the BigScaryDude an AI. The maze enemies sometimes went throught walls, true :\ did not really test that part, think the one that spawned near to you was one of those that went throught a wall. On the robot fight it is a hard one, think it would have been easier if the fight would have take place in another area so you could see better but wanted to use that area :\ (last time you almost got him).

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it (was the easiest thing to made in the entire game haha).

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Te he hablado por discord por si puedes pasar captura de  lo que te ha pasado... Lo he probado con mas gente y les ha ido bien :\. Creo que tendría que subir una versión mac/linux.

También he puesto en pública una versión de hace un par de dias (que estamos continuando el juego), por saber si esa no te da fallo si tienes un momento.

Hey, no, you could not die as the character says('I made myself inmortal') after killing the enemy haha. The guy in the bottom wasn't supossed to talk but I had him in that room and I let him be there without doing anything :\.

I know it is too short but didn't know what else to put and had already made all I wanted to practice for that game. Also had to rest for another gamejam I'm doing now haha.

Haha, thanks, but it was just thanks to this awesome tileset

Thanks. Love the idea of being attacked at the end and becomming not inmortal but sadly I did not have that idea during development haha. 

Yes, as I put in the credits. 

Did not wanted to reveal the bossfight :\

Thought it was hard at the beginning but that was nothing compared to the last room, I did not beat it (: 

You'll 100% sure do a better work that I did for my first jam. I did not finish the game, was buggy and it crashed sometimes haha.

Just exported a build for mac. First time I do it,  hope it is working, can't check myself haha.

Hey, awesome art. Used it for a gamejam. This is what I made: Would like you to take a look at it.