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needs a tutorial. Its really confusing.

The game is cool and the art is pretty good but there are some problems. 

1. The walking sound gets annoying fast

2.  There isnt a lot too it.

The game is polished and the procedural generation (if there is procedural generation) is perfect. Since it is a game jam I can understand not having the time to add more content.

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Thank you for the feedback! I did feel like I made it so you use the side jump too much. At the start you were meant to jump on the side of the wall to get out. I wanted the starting room to feel like a test chamber and you are being experimented on in there. Since it was made in a game jam it might feel a bit buggy or unpolished.

The game is cool and simple. I like how its all made up with text. Probably if you made the game with actual sprites and art. It would be better. Great game anyways.

Since the game jam theme was FRESH START I made the game with checkpoints on purpose.

Really fun game. Since it was made in 72 hours I give it 4/5.  Also I feel like the heavy is a little underpowered because everytime I use it, it dies really fast.

ok thanks

Is there any limitation or theme?

that would be impossible

The game is hard and fun and the concept is great. The art is good too (i wish my drawing abilities were better). I find it hard to survive because when you go to attack the enemies just start surrounding you.

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to exit the starting area click the red guy and walk over his gun that he drops to pick it up and use it.

Everytime you die you completely restart so its a fresh start :D

.Para salir del área de inicio, haga clic en el tipo rojo y camine sobre el arma para recogerla y luego disparar al vidrio.

lo siento si es confuso, todo lo que tienes que hacer es hacer clic en el cuadrado rojo y tomar su arma

Usa cámara lenta y armas para escapar de la instalación en la que estás cautivo.
Acércate y haz clic en el tipo rojo para matarlo y recoger su arma.
Para moverte usa W A D y para deslizarte usa S
Para utilizar la cámara lenta, mantenga pulsado el botón derecho del ratón
Para disparar, haga clic con el botón izquierdo
Usa las cajas marrones para bloquear las balas enemigas.
Deslízate hacia los enemigos para matarlos.
deslizarse debajo de las cajas para tirarlas
Puedes deslizarte y saltar de las paredes.
¡Música y arte creados por mí!
Tienes que empezar de nuevo cada vez que mueras.

Is there any limitation or theme?