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Yep, no problem. Do it like that, as the main action is within the Character Display

That can be accepted. I can let it pass.

Interesting choice of design! Keep on it!


Any kind of input.

Would not prefer. The thing about this jam is the limitation of a single 16x2 display.

I will definitely host a jam in the future with that purpose, but as this display is very well known, I opted for that.

I hope that I answered all your questions right 

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The purpose of the jam is to make a game whose display is similar to one of those displays.

You can use one of the character tables, as daid said, also with 8 custom characters. But you can do whatever you want, as long as they stay within the 5x8 or 5x10 character grid.

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Use those 64 bits only as numerical storage. All other things can be exempted from the rule. Yes, I might have not been clear.

64 bits, or 16 bytes, as you want. Use a variable with that size and use bitwise operations alongside other variables to manipulate it in your favour.

By the while... what software did you use for BASIC? There are various programs for that.

A simple game indeed, but pretty fun and smooth playability! Nice submission!

Simple and enjoyable. You could perhaps have added more phases/levels or story elements, but it looks, plays and feels pretty neat!

How do you quit the item menu?

What does the orange curved mounds do? Can you also provide instructions for the controls of the game? Some further gameplay information (could be in the description) would be very practical.

Hello, fellow jammers.

Since many may be busy with school or college and might not have the time to finish their family properly, I took upon myself to extend the deadline of the jam by two weeks, so everyone gets more time accordingly to each one's study schedules.

Jeana said it right. :) Yes, you can use an external .txt file or the page for instructions and the like.

You can use any resolution you want from the list. You don't have to use the same as the others.

Pretty much complying to the rules there.
That's cool. :)

It would be more authentic to make the assets yourself, but you can base yourself on any third-party sprites as inspiration if you want

You don't need to make the music yourself, in case you don't know how to make it.


This is based roughly on the Gameboy color scheme, but adding the choice to use b&w and red/blue schemes. Yes, you can just approximate the colors.

The resolutions were picked based on a display I found online and got curious about (and just for the sake of the challenge).

Have I answered your question?


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Go ahead and post your questions about the jam as replies, I'll try to answer them! :)