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Awesome! great game btw good work

ahhhhhhh ok!



let’s goooo

It would be cool if the post game leaderboard stayed up longer so we can read who has what. Currently I only have the free version so this may be better in the paid version.

so sick so sick

Nightmare community » Anything Goes! · Created a new topic Sounds

The sounds. Who did the soundtrack?

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It was pretty fun once I figured out space was the control to move. makes me wonder if I missed more stuff. also I would have had more fun if the asteroids didn't hurt and just bounced me. Really great job on this!

Loved the game just wish I could figure out how to do more than move right. I'm just shot up and down repeatedly

My only wish is that there was more levels but under the time crunch it is of course understandable! The red arrow was a great touch. Wonderful job

This is awesome! Loved this game! not sure if it fits the theme entirely but great job!

Thanks! Of course we had more levels planned but that time crunch man, im sure you understand :)

This game is soooo cool I love it

I love this game!! It reminds me of Frog Fractions.

Nice game! I would have appreciated the character moving a bit faster on the bigger levels, but yeah this is cool.

This was a lot of fun. But the timer is  a massive bummer. I would've greatly preferred a longer timer or no timer at all.

I can't seem to find the console. Basically, the game is playing but it's all black like it didn't fade in or something.

I really liked this. It was funny and I enjoyed the presentation quite a bit

Really inventive! I enjoyed this

Glad to hear it! Maybe it was just something up with my firefox browser.

This is really cool!! I love the concept, if only it could be a bit more polished so I could see the spikes more! AGH! But I totally get the time crunch and such. Great GAme!!

The presentation took a bit to get used to but I ended up enjoying this game. That is until I got so frustrated at the 3rd level I had to stop playing lol.

The sound effects are sweet and the art looks cool, but the game doesn't show most of it. Just shows the UI and sound effects atm. The rest is black.

The shifting gravity was a lot of fun!

It loads and then there's nothing just black :(

It says I don't have the graphics to play it :(. I'm on windows if that helps.


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I helped make this. But I didn't do the art so I'm allowed to say: danggggg that art look gooooood. And that music sound gooooooooood.