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I will try to. The previous game was not accepted at GOG.


For now it is not planned

Thank you for the answer


I'm game developer. Here my account on
I attached credit card and have no any payments since August.

Can anyone help me with this issue?  doesn't respond

Thank you!

Repentant is a dramatic point & click adventure game with hand-painted art.

Experienced criminal Oliver begins to suffer from strong remorse after the terrible deeds of which his family has suffered. Unsuccessful attempts to restore relations with his ex-wife further worsen his condition and alcohol dependence.
One day in a small shop, he becomes a witness of a robbery committed by a young girl. At this moment, he gets the opportunity to atone for his sins by helping another person. But who really needs help and who is the victim? It remains to be seen.


  • Explore atmospheric hand-painted locations with challenging puzzles
  • Enjoy an intriguing story with an unexpected ending
  • Listen to an amazing soundtrack by Abstracode and full English voice acting
  • English, Ukrainian, Russian and Dutch localisations

Thank you!

So how?

Thanks! There will be a sequel. 

Little Kite is a point-and-click story driven adventure. 

The game highlights the problems of an unsuccessful family, in which one person shows their hands, and another tries to correct mistakes of the past.
The main characters are Mary and her son Andrew. After the death of her husband, Mary married for a second time, to Oliver, in an attempt to create a full-fledged family for her son. But everyday, problems consume the new husband and he finds his solace in alcohol. Soon, they find domestic violence becomes commonplace.

Mary's patience and inaction, so habitual and convenient for everyone but little Andrew, brings the life of their family to an extreme point - a point where she needs to make a bold decision.


  • Dramatic story about Mary and Andrew
  • Two playable main characters
  • A lot of puzzles with different difficulties
  • Two locations: the real world and the Andrew's fantasy world. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere.

Little Kite on

Little Kite on Steam

Remake is already avaliable on Steam

Thank you!

Now, i'm working on the total remake of this game, it's called Little Kite. New art, characters and storyline. Please suport Little Kite on Steam GreenLight


I just published here my first game The Kite. It was created in 2012.

It is an atmospheric 2d point & click adventure with dramatic story.

The main character of the game is Masha. She is a loving mother and careful wife, but her husband, full of different problems, falls down to the alcoholism and domestic abuse. Mashaagrees to tolerate, but not when it is about life and health of her child, she is ready to do anything...

You can pay for it as you want or download for free.

Now i working on a new version of this game with new art and storyline.

Stay tuned for news of developing progress on twitter @anatestudio and on website

Check out video of The Kite 2012

and its remake Little Kite

how games gets to the main page of ?

Mouse sensitivity is very high and it is impossible to adjust in options. After a few minutes im feal dizziness

Hi everyone!

Check out my new horror game Octave

Octave is a point 'n click horror-adventure game with elements of action and quest.

You play the role of a guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are dragged into a dark forest, but on the verge of death, you are mysteriously saved from your killer by a someone or something.
As you venture deeper into the woods you find yourself surrounded by atrocity. You realise that salvation can turn out to be a real nightmare. All the way through fear you seek out the mysteries of the dark forest.
The struggle for life has only just begun!

In the game you will see:

  • an atmospheric dark forest with creepy shadows and monsters
  • an old house full of puzzles and paranormal activities
  • the underworld, where you have to run a lot