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Ah, yes the half chocolate is so you can see what’s inside, briefly, and since the boxes are somewhat symmetrical, you can then assume what’s inside some others. For the “other player”‘s turn, you don’t get to see what’s inside. I should have added a “crunch” sound for clarity, haha.

I would get the occasional “blue screen” too, but only rarely, so I wasn’t able to reproduce it enough times to track it down (and my code is a mess, as I was playing with an an ECS (Concord) for the first time, and messed up the hierarchy)

You gotta take it easy on the jellies before him. By killing them slowly, you can “heal” your hearts above what you start with, until you have more hearts than the fox ;P

This was really fun to play! I could have kept going for hours.

The ball is really convincing, both visually and feel-wise. I really like it!

I have eaten ten thousand virtual chocolates, but I am still so hungry ...

Well? Did you join this?