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Expect a huge jump in sales for Monopoly games. Everyone will want to implement these houserules!

Beautiful game! Have you considered tokens to keep track of resources? Maybe a "shard" like shape?

24-word RPG Jam community · Created a new topic Runon word


Your game made me dig through my music collection to find this song. I simply had to listen to it! Thank you for an amazing Halloween/song themed mini game.

In my opinion, nevermind gold... the only loot anyone cares about are magical or legendary items...

I would so love to buy a hardcopy of this and your Firelights game! Amazing systems for solo players like me.

This one page ttrpg is jam packed with enough flavor and ideas to power a long term campaign. Fresh and witty, a pleasure to read. I look forward to soloing this game! 

This is the first Sci-fi themed version of RUNE that I have had the opportunity to read through. I love it and am hoping to see more expansions on this theme! Mahalo to The Dragon's Den Games!

I have just posted a Mosaic Strict fragment for the  Tiny Library Mosaic game jam (Modern Fantasy)

You can find the fragment here.

Please check it out. Mahalo!

My second entry for the Tiny Library Mosaic game jam!

A Mosaic Strict fragment about urban fairies. You can find it here.

Who do you want to be? is my entry in the Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy Jam!

This Mosaic Strict  modern fantasy character generator is modular, optional, short, attested, independent , coreless and 100% human made by AmidaBosatsu.

Check out Long Tail Games , the host of this jam.


Is the 2.25"x3.5" dimensions for the entire template? The grey border?


Hah! A jam does sound cool!

Yet another way to enjoy my dice collection. Mahalo!

Super flexible mechanics with tons of campaign ideas, I have found it to be extremely compatible with all of the currently popular genres. i.e. Liminal-Fist, Mother-Fist, Primal Fist, 9 Fists to Valhalla, Apocalypse Fist, Fist of the Week, just to name a few...

This is the game you want to use to simulate Walking Dead or World War Z. Minimal crunch, but lots of resources for campaign ideas. It is my go-to game for zombie fun!

Amazing game! Full of content and flavor, with tons of random tables to prompt a huge variety of game ideas. 


This is soo good! I am wondering if the missing person/rescuers will be found...and in what state.

Here is a link to my game. It is a mini solo game inspired by the song "Don't Stop Believin'".  The actual gameplay is based on a casino game called Under/Over 7. Please check it out.

Me too! There are so many games in this bundle that I an itching to check out. 

Looking forward to purchasing this in the Trans rights in Florida bundle!

The ultimate music inspired TTRPG! My first readthrough had me laughing uncontrollably.  10 STARS!!!!!

A Mothership/Primal Quest module would be amazing! 

2023 is the year of Primal Quest. I believe it could be the next big thing. I look forward to seeing even more 3rd party content. Maybe even some cross collaboration with some other TTRPG platforms? PQ x Troika...PQ x 9 Lives to Valhalla. 

A wonderfully snarky take on the "game". It has inspired me to complete my game, 23E. I look forward to paying royalties to all previous 22 editions!

While I tend to recommend Mork Borg as an alternative to D&D, 9 Lives to Valhalla is in actuality my go-to-game for wild, death metal, blood, guts and gore action. Rules light with HEAVY flavor, it has me dreaming of ways to include wild Viking cats in all of my games. I would dare say it is one of my favorite games of the year.

Any idea on the pricing for the bundle?

A wonderful game with beautiful artwork. And a great reason to purchase a dreidel.

Can you please point me to a good place to purchase a dreidel online?

I am already working on a hack of this!

Beautiful! Buy it for the art, play it for the adventure.

An unusual solo TTRPG/board game hybrid that caught my attention like no other game this year. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Numb3r Stations community · Created a new topic Immersive!
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Immersive! I have not played a solo TTRPG with such an immersive mechanic. The use of real time number station broadcasts and a one-time-pad actually sent a shiver up my spine. I almost felt as if I were doing something subversive...just like a real spy. If you are into spy stories along the lines of John LeCarre, not James Bond, you owe it to yourself to check out this game.

Mahalo for this amazing guide! I need to purchase more Lego parts thanks to you.

Amazing! Now this is what I call a "mobile phone" game!

A beautiful mini game! A work of art.

This is by far the best tarot based ttrpg I have played ever. Everyone should give it a try.

Is there a way to solo this game?

Great stuff. And the idea of having 2 versions is just brilliant! A perfect way to spice up any space based game.