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Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy is a deck of single-card TTRPG fragments going to print with Long Tail Games in 2023. It is the spiritual successor of Tiny Library and Tiny Tome but will be run in a slightly different way. 

This is a jam to collect submissions. If you've made (or want to make) a single-card TTRPG fragment, this is the place for you!    

What is 'modern fantasy' in this context? 

Really that's for you to decide! 

However, if you're stuck for ideas, I personally think of Buffy, World of Darkness, Aesop Rock's Spirit World Field Guide, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The X-Files, Bright, The Lost Boys, Stranger Things, the menu music from Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, misty streets, rustling leaves, high strangeness, men in dark suits, urban decay, gnomes at the bottom of the garden, an old woman selling kittens(?) on the side of the road. 

What is a TTRPG fragment? 

Some examples of the things you could submit are: 

  • Character creation rules
  • Task resolution rules
  • A combat system
    • A combat subsystem 
  • Inventory system
    • Black market rules
  • Injury rules 
  • Lore and worldbuilding 
  • A specific NPC
  • A specific location
  • A specific item
  • Pure artwork 
  • Lists! 
    • Rumors 
    • Secrets 
    • Spells 

Anything goes, friends. There are no rules in the jungle of game design! However, there are terms...

Mosaic Strict    

This jam will be run in the spirit of MOSAIC Strict. What is that? I strongly recommend reading the blog article (Nothing at the Bottom: MOSAIC Strict RPG Design) but the key aspects are: 

  • Modular: Any game text that explicitly claims to be an entire, complete RPG is not Mosaic Strict. 
  • Optional: Any game text that describes itself as necessary for play is not Mosaic Strict. 
  • Short: Mosaic Strict game texts are no more than 1500 words (shouldn't be a problem here...) 
  • Attested: Mosaic Strict texts say they are Mosaic Strict.
  • Independent: Mosaic Strict texts do not refer to the mechanics or quantified state in any other game text. 
  • Coreless: Assume nothing else is in play beyond free-form play. 

Other Terms: 

  • Your game must fit on a single playing card (both sides) 
  • The card size is Bridge (2.25” × 3.5”)  
  • You must either include space for printing bleed or accept what happens when I make space for that printing bleed (see the card template image at the bottom of this page)
  • You must agree to the licensing terms (linked below) for your submission to be eligible
  • Each selected submission will earn the creator 1 free copy of Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy and 1% of profits generated
  • Game fragments do not have to be new - those you've already created are encouraged!
  • You may submit a maximum of 3 submissions
  • No more than 1 submission will be selected from any contributor
  • No AI-generated content 
  • Not all submissions will be selected 

One final point:  

Ultimately, the submissions will be selected with the goal of creating a single product called Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy. 

Will that final product be coherent in terms of mechanics, tone or aesthetics? Absolutely not! 

However, I will be looking to fill gaps in the deck, and a submission is more likely to be included if it supports an area that is otherwise missing. It would be really nice if we had at least one card covering character creation for instance... 

IMPORTANT: Please read and agree to the licensing agreement at this link before submitting. You will need to submit an agreement for each submission. 

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Playing Card sized #MosaicStrict lock picking Game Fragment for any setting
A magic system for modern fantasy on a single card
8 modern fantasy slimes!
Four modular NPCs based on my book All Our Forgotten Futures
A communication system for a modern fantasy setting
A Mosaic Strict CharGen
An extremely normal residential registration form that definitely isn't MOSAIC Strict modern fantasy chargen.
A Mosaic Stict tool to add some creeping dread to you TTRPG
2 Combat Systems For Mosaic Strict On 1 Card.
A MOSAIC Strict card for creating spells and powers
Rolling for flavor
2 Settings for the Mosiac Jam
it's a fate-changing cassette tape. a bit spooky and mosaic strict.
A Mosaic Strict micro game about magical Graffiti
​A small, card-sized ttrpg about finding fairy rings on your travels.
A MOSAIC Strict skill list for modern fantasy
Magic Is Illegal, Wizards Are Forbidden To Speak Lest They Cast A Spell
An animal companion for a modern fantasy setting
A quest generator for a modern fantasy setting
Mass Combat Rules for the Tiny Libary Game Jam
A Quest Giver for the Mosaic Strict System
How will you spend your last nights as a vampire?
A single card weather system set in a modern fantasy setting.
An injury system for monstrous characters struggling to keep their humanity.
A Mosaic Strict governing force that's viciously non-violent
A MOSAIC Strict single card game about trains in an urban fantasy city
Three cards for urban fantasy Mosaic Strict.
A helpful(?) kid that tags along with the party
2 Settings for the Mosiac Jam
MOSAIC Strict harm system
Tiny games for death and resurrection.