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Cool game!  I played Totem and really enjoyed it, and I'm planning on playing your other game soon too.  I came back a few times and progressed further and further each time before eventually unlocking both endings.  The more I was in this world, the more I grew to love every bit of it!  I can't wait to see what you do next!!

Potential spoilers below:

I do have some constructive feedback though.  It would have been nice to have a way to replay the messages from the voice.  In Totem, you had that on the pause screen.  You need something similar here or even better possibly interacting with the radio could replay the message.  A few times I was searching for a very long time, and I started to forget exactly what the voice had said.

Secondly, the boundaries that trigger events should be refined a bit.  For example, on my first playthrough, I was confused what "my side" of the lake was on because I walked to the far side of the island.  I then walked on land, ended up by the dead trees in the water and accidenlty triggered the alternate ending progression.  The problem was that it didn't trigger the initial items so I couldn't figure out what to do.  I watched one of the playthroughs posted on here and figured it out, but it would be nice if you moved the "you're going the wrong way" message to the little inlets to make it very clear where you're not supposed to go.  It would have also been nice to have a message stating that the land is off-limits or something.  I spent some time looking on land first for the items before reading a comment saying everything is in the water.

Once I figured it out though, the game was great!  Loved the ending.  It was an incredible reveal!  Hope you don't mind the super long post.  Just wanted to give my full feedback!

I hate that I even have to make a post like this, but after getting this game I feel obligated to share this fact to people who may spend money on this game.  Minor spoilers below:

This game unfortunately presents all men as evil and controlling for their own gain.  It's a shame because we need more stories of powerful women making their way in the world.  Every man encountered (with the exception of the very last man encountered who utters merely three short lines) turns out to be sexist and inherently evil.  It got to the point where it  simply detracted from the overall story.  All men encountered only want to control women or to make up for their powerlessness in society.  Every time a man seemed to be a genuinely good person, they would have some sexist tendency that was quickly tacked on seemingly as an afterthought.  And it didn't have to eve be that way--the innkeeper could have had his family recognize his sexist remarks as trying to save them, but instead it was simply dismissed as "women good, man bad."

It's a shame that this is the case because it makes the story less impactful.  When you present all men as evil, then you have lost the nuances of life.  All men are not evil, and all women are not good.  Life is not black and white.  This line of thinking is an example of radical feminism that hampers the worthy cause and gives critics a finger to point at why feminism is bad.

But what if, some will ask, men back in 1600s America were all misogynists?  This is also absolutely false, as we have ample documentation and examples of men treating women as equals during this time period.  100 years later, we have the founding father and 2nd president of the US attributing the success of his presidency to his "better" Abigail Adams.  Was every man a saint?  No.  Was misogyny prevalent during this time?  Yes.  Were all men misogynists and evil?  No.  So why present the story in such a simple minded manner?  If you want my opinion, creating complex issues and making people think about said issues promotes change more than simplistic "men bad, women good" ways of thinking.  Per my innkeeper example above, does that make him evil if his ultimate goal is to protect his family from harm?  Or can he be forgiven for unseemly acts if aiming for a greater good?  This complexity and subtext provides greater meaning and conversation in real life--it makes the story more meaningful.

Lastly, I would give the game a pass if there were consequences for this misandrist thinking, but the game provides no consequences at all.  It's a shame because the game had potential, but whenever a story promotes hatred to a different type of people (race, sex, sexual orientation) with no consequences, I cannot recommend it.  I realize this was a lengthy post, but I hope it informs future buyers and the developers on why this story inherently promotes misandry and is not recommended.