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Oh nice, that is an interesting feature!  I would imagine that it would make a lot of levels a lot easier.  I may need to go back and check that out on a few levels.

And I was wondering if those levels had been added later.  I figured I would give my feedback on the pacing :)

Oh cool!  So for reference, it took me 605 tries on 10-6, and I beat it 59 times to finally get 57.756 seconds.  Also interesting is that 10-5 actually took way more attempts (1120) with 3 successful tries for a time of 11.41, but I never felt very discouraged on that level.  I think the main difference is that 10-6 is a full 60 second run while the others have you fail much faster.  I want to add that the fact you jump up past all the text thanking the player for playing the game was a really neat design choice on that level.

Anyways, thanks for the reply with more info.  I hope you continue to develop more games, as you seem to have a knack for making some fun ones!

Air Dasher community · Created a new topic Fun game!

Hey, I saw you do not have many posts on here, so I wanted to put a review up with some notes.  I would say this game shines in about 90% of the levels.  It's fun to go back and rethink levels to beat the gold time, and when you find a creative solution it becomes very satisfying.  One note on that though, there is a bug I noticed (unless it's supposed to be a feature) that if you dash through the lava walls / floors, you can just go right through.  I did that accidentally one time, and I shaved a solid 15-20 seconds off the gold time.  I was playing the Android version if that makes a difference.  If you want specific levels, I can give you a handful I saw this happen on (but I assume it is everywhere with the lava because it kept happening if I tried on different levels).

I also think that your end level sequence is in the wrong order.  The "last" level (10-6) is a pain to get gold on (although I really like the overall design).  The level is designed to be about 5 seconds too long (unless I'm missing a major shortcut), and 60 seconds of near perfection is a lot to ask.  It would get frustrating to repeatedly come up 1-2 seconds short.  I probably spent 10-15 hours on that level, and when I realized I unlocked a bonus set I did not feel any excitement.  This level almost demands to be last (11-6) because it is so challenging.  I'm sure you want level 60 be where it is because it thanks the player, but you could also have a note that pops up when the player completes all the levels that says, "Get gold on all levels to unlock the final set!"  Beating that level was the high point for me, and the additional levels (while fun) offered little more to expand upon because they were much easier than getting the gold on level 10-6.

I don't want this to sound too negative though.  I did really enjoy the game overall, and I have started playing 8 Links which I have been enjoying as well.  Thanks for taking the time to make a really fun game and making a mobile version.  I had a lot of fun!  I bought this in the Bundle for Ukraine.  I never would have found this game otherwise, so I'm glad you put it in there!  I hope more people find your fun game and play!

Ah yeah sorry, that was meant for somestrangecircus.  I was hoping it wouldn't notify you, but thanks for taking the time to respond!  I appreciate you reaching out :)

Hey!  I know this is a longshot, and I'm not sure if posting under your comment here is acceptable--I just did not see any other way of contacting you (all of the links to social media seem to be deactivated).

I was looking through the Racial Injustice bundle, and I saw you submitted this piece:  Is there any chance I could get a copy of that?  Now that it has been removed, I am more curious about it.  If not, no sweat.  Just figured I'd give this a gamble and reach out to you.  

No problem!  I see a ton of feedback here, and I think a big reason is people see so much potential with this game!  It really is fun, but with some more refinement it really could be great.  I hope your game gets more recognition because it really deserves it!

I've been playing this game for a while which I got in the racial injustice bundle, so thanks for putting this in there!  I really enjoy it, but there's a few things I'd suggest.

  1. First and most importantly, the 24 hour multiplayer limit NEEDS to be extended.  Or perhaps customizable.  The amount of games that have ended because someone doesn't get back in 24 hours is ridiculous, and it ends up frustrating people and making them give up on the game which just kills multiplayer even further.  Friends won't play with me anymore because of this, and you're losing out on people getting addicted to your game!  Even playing against random people, the game will end and then 2 or 4 hours later I get an invite to a new game from the same person.  If you provide this game on the computer (like here at itch & your steam version), you need to give people more flexibility.  Most people have busy lives and cannot always get back to the game within 24 hours.
  2. It's probably impossible at this point with how far you are in development, but I'm a huge proponent of not developing Android games with Google services attached.  More and more people are starting to strip google services from their phones, and that means over time you'll lose more and more potential customers.  There are lots of alternatives like OpenKit.  Just my 2 cents.
  3.  I found a bug in the aggressive mode where if an archer is in an isolated group, he will always move but never shoot forward (only sideways).  If there are no enemies to his side, the computer just skips until the end of the game.  I haven't tested it a ton, but my instances always occurred in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks again for the game!  I'm looking forward to seeing what improvements you have next!

Completely understand how that goes!  The amount of projects I put to the side is ridiculous.  Thanks for the update, and thanks again for putting your OST in the bundle.  Really glad I was able to discover this game from it!

I downloaded your album from the racial injustice bundle, and it made me curious about your game.  I'm really glad I did!  Really beautiful artwork, intriguing story, fun world to imagine in my head.  

At the end, it says "to be continued," so I have to ask: are you still planning on making a sequel?  Since it's been 5 years, I have a feeling it's been scrapped.  It would be really interesting to flesh out some of the creatures in this world.

Yeah there is definitely a bug generating the levels, but if it's too big of a deal to find and fix don't sweat it.  I found the walls, but I never put together that it was to find the other gun upgrades to smash through.  That makes a lot more sense.  A little descriptive line perhaps would be good (on the homescreen when you choose explory mode perhaps?), but maybe you want it to be vague on purpose to provide more game time and exploration!  I personally love trying to figure vague gameplay out, but I know a lot of people hate that. I'll shoot an email over with some bugs.

I played it with the Racial Justice bundle, so thanks a bunch for throwing it in there!  Hopefully more people will slowly start to wander into these less well known games!

Gunbuds community · Created a new topic Explory Mode

Hey, is expory mode just a procedurally generated map?  It says the goal is to find the heavy weapons, but I can't find any.  Often times the map is just the green portion, and once it was just a dead-end hallway.  Twice I got different colored areas to pop up, and they had an exclamation point but nothing happened when you interacted.

I had fun though!  If you're ever looking to squash some bugs, there were a few I encountered that I can share more about.  I had fun messing around though, and this would be fun to try in the future with a couple of my friends!

Cool game!  I played Totem and really enjoyed it, and I'm planning on playing your other game soon too.  I came back a few times and progressed further and further each time before eventually unlocking both endings.  The more I was in this world, the more I grew to love every bit of it!  I can't wait to see what you do next!!

Potential spoilers below:

I do have some constructive feedback though.  It would have been nice to have a way to replay the messages from the voice.  In Totem, you had that on the pause screen.  You need something similar here or even better possibly interacting with the radio could replay the message.  A few times I was searching for a very long time, and I started to forget exactly what the voice had said.

Secondly, the boundaries that trigger events should be refined a bit.  For example, on my first playthrough, I was confused what "my side" of the lake was on because I walked to the far side of the island.  I then walked on land, ended up by the dead trees in the water and accidenlty triggered the alternate ending progression.  The problem was that it didn't trigger the initial items so I couldn't figure out what to do.  I watched one of the playthroughs posted on here and figured it out, but it would be nice if you moved the "you're going the wrong way" message to the little inlets to make it very clear where you're not supposed to go.  It would have also been nice to have a message stating that the land is off-limits or something.  I spent some time looking on land first for the items before reading a comment saying everything is in the water.

Once I figured it out though, the game was great!  Loved the ending.  It was an incredible reveal!  Hope you don't mind the super long post.  Just wanted to give my full feedback!