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I downloaded your album from the racial injustice bundle, and it made me curious about your game.  I'm really glad I did!  Really beautiful artwork, intriguing story, fun world to imagine in my head.  

At the end, it says "to be continued," so I have to ask: are you still planning on making a sequel?  Since it's been 5 years, I have a feeling it's been scrapped.  It would be really interesting to flesh out some of the creatures in this world.

Thanks for checking out the game, glad you enjoyed it! There were plans to make a sequel but I got preoccupied with other projects and it just got pushed to the side. Will I make a sequel? Who knows!

Completely understand how that goes!  The amount of projects I put to the side is ridiculous.  Thanks for the update, and thanks again for putting your OST in the bundle.  Really glad I was able to discover this game from it!