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I've been playing this game for a while which I got in the racial injustice bundle, so thanks for putting this in there!  I really enjoy it, but there's a few things I'd suggest.

  1. First and most importantly, the 24 hour multiplayer limit NEEDS to be extended.  Or perhaps customizable.  The amount of games that have ended because someone doesn't get back in 24 hours is ridiculous, and it ends up frustrating people and making them give up on the game which just kills multiplayer even further.  Friends won't play with me anymore because of this, and you're losing out on people getting addicted to your game!  Even playing against random people, the game will end and then 2 or 4 hours later I get an invite to a new game from the same person.  If you provide this game on the computer (like here at itch & your steam version), you need to give people more flexibility.  Most people have busy lives and cannot always get back to the game within 24 hours.
  2. It's probably impossible at this point with how far you are in development, but I'm a huge proponent of not developing Android games with Google services attached.  More and more people are starting to strip google services from their phones, and that means over time you'll lose more and more potential customers.  There are lots of alternatives like OpenKit.  Just my 2 cents.
  3.  I found a bug in the aggressive mode where if an archer is in an isolated group, he will always move but never shoot forward (only sideways).  If there are no enemies to his side, the computer just skips until the end of the game.  I haven't tested it a ton, but my instances always occurred in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks again for the game!  I'm looking forward to seeing what improvements you have next!

Hey, thanks for your feedback. I'll look into the possibility of offering the Android version as not including Google Play Services. :) 

No problem!  I see a ton of feedback here, and I think a big reason is people see so much potential with this game!  It really is fun, but with some more refinement it really could be great.  I hope your game gets more recognition because it really deserves it!

That's so kind, thank you!