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Hey, I just saw this review, thank you so much for your kind words, it made my day! 

That's so kind, thank you!

Hey, thanks for your feedback. I'll look into the possibility of offering the Android version as not including Google Play Services. :) 

Hey, thanks so much for checking out our game :) I've made a note of your feedback!

One thing I'd suggest you check out is the "auto-advance" option in the settings - this will automatically advance the turn if a Knight or Medic has no attacks left, as you suggest. We didn't make it the default behaviour because in our play testing new players found it confusing, but it's there if you'd like it!

Awesome, thank you for featuring us!

Hi, can you screenshot the board when this bug happened? 

Feud comments · Replied to ox in Feud comments

Awesome! This is great 😄

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Hey, thanks so much for this useful feedback. :) The next update will feature updated health pips and I'll try and speed the animations up a little too. 

Per the crash - sorry about that! Unfortunately I only get crash logs on the Play Store version of the game, but I'll have a look and see if anyone else has had the same issue so I can work out what went wrong.

Update: sneaky peek of the new health pips:

Really love this, it's so elegant. I'd love an iOS version at some point (though I know Apple fees are nasty)!

Hey, the Linux version actually isn't out of date! Those are just the version numbers assigned by Itch. :)

Hi folks! We released our first game last week - it's called Feud and is a free tile-based tactics game. It's a little bit like chess. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (and iOS, off itch) and has asynchronous online multiplayer.

The game started life as a board game. Dave Cordell, the designer, got in touch with us, and ended up joining us as our artist. 

Check it out here: Feud by Bearwaves

Thanks! :) 

Really nice idea, well-executed in a short space of time. Reminded me of Little Nightmares (in a good way!).

i am smol and in the house, 10/10