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Awesome, thank you for featuring us!

Hi, can you screenshot the board when this bug happened? 

Feud comments · Replied to ox in Feud comments

Awesome! This is great 😄

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Hey, thanks so much for this useful feedback. :) The next update will feature updated health pips and I'll try and speed the animations up a little too. 

Per the crash - sorry about that! Unfortunately I only get crash logs on the Play Store version of the game, but I'll have a look and see if anyone else has had the same issue so I can work out what went wrong.

Update: sneaky peek of the new health pips:

Really love this, it's so elegant. I'd love an iOS version at some point (though I know Apple fees are nasty)!

Hey, the Linux version actually isn't out of date! Those are just the version numbers assigned by Itch. :)

Hi folks! We released our first game last week - it's called Feud and is a free tile-based tactics game. It's a little bit like chess. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (and iOS, off itch) and has asynchronous online multiplayer.

The game started life as a board game. Dave Cordell, the designer, got in touch with us, and ended up joining us as our artist. 

Check it out here: Feud by Bearwaves

Thanks! :) 

Really nice idea, well-executed in a short space of time. Reminded me of Little Nightmares (in a good way!).

i am smol and in the house, 10/10