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"Donkeys can be a good source of all kinds of raw materials."

This makes me fear for the donkey.

AAAHHHH so jealous of you! It is amazing how many centuries rumors can persist. Even though most historians agree that the Duke didn't murder her, I guess Browning's story will always continue to reign supreme. Either way, poor little Lucrezia. I hope she had a happier life than the one I wrote for her.

Whenever I think of a poetry nerd playing it, and tweaking to the poem at some point in it, it makes me happy.  Thanks so much for the kind comment!

Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! I LOVE your avatar. I want to be Carol when I grow up.

I'm so glad you liked it-- and yes, a poem-inspired comp is a fantastic idea. I'm really envious that you're close enough to the museum to go see the painting!

Hey Dan-- How do I play? I downloaded the file, but there are a lot of files in it. Which one is the game? Do I need anything special to run it?

Thanks so much for this lovely comment. I'm so glad the game touched you. Wishing you all the best as well!

I loved the writing in this game! Really funny. It was incredibly hard to wrestle with the parser, though.  I went to Dan Fabulich's Invisiclues just to figure out how to use the phone, and after dying multiple times trying to figure out how to talk to the man and reset the safe, I gave up. Was SAY RESET supposed to reset the safe? It kept disambiguating by picking (to the man) and then I would die. Maybe I'll go back next week when I have more patience for trying things like SAY RESET TO SAFE. I think this would be an awesome game that I would probably love if the parser was more intuitive.

I won't rate it because I didn't get very far, but if I did I would give top marks for the writing and characters.

No, it won't run for me. It is really bugging me that this game has so few ratings and I'd love to play it, but I have the mac I have and I don't mess with it, because I will screw things up if I try to change the OS.


I don't think it was disqualified. I think the author removed all their games from Itch. Sylfir, if you're reading this, bring your games back! I hadn't played yours yet and I want to.

Thanks so much. I thought there was a pretty fair chance that no one would play it because the subject matter is just so depressing, and decided I was OK with that. I'm glad you did play, and that you liked it. Thanks so much for the kind words.

And to you and everyone else: it's OK to criticize this game. Really. I don't want anyone to think that I'm immune to criticism because of the personal nature of the story. I worry I won't get helpful feedback because people won't want to say anything negative.

Thanks for the review! I really appreciate your time and effort. I was worried that I'd turn people off with the poetry, so I'm glad you found it accessible.

Thanks so much! Excited to play.

Will there be a version that I can play on Mac?

I'm so glad you figured it out! I put so much effort into implementing every object that I'd be sorry to have folks miss it.

Thanks for playing it!

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I'm using Safari. I just typed "X site," and as you can see, it doesn't display that text. On a second try, it actually will display what I typed after I press enter, but not until then. I can progress, though, although this isn't optimal.

Just FYI, in the play in-browser game, I can't see anything I'm typing in the text box, which is problematic  because I don't know if I've misspelled something, or if it just doesn't work. Can that be fixed?

OK! I'll just put it at the end of my list and wait patiently for the MacOS version.

I didn't have a problem playing. Don't give up! This one is really charming.

Which file will run on a Mac?

How do I play the game on a Mac? The exe file doesn't work for me. Are there instructions for play somewhere?

I couldn't get the phone to work, either! Is there a special command to use?

Same here. It looks like the reason there are no ratings posted is that no one can rate any games!

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Yours was the first one I played, and now I don't get to rate it! I'll just give you a few comments instead: I found the mechanism really fun, and it made me want to read the original story. Have you played Blackbar, by Neven Mrgan? It has a similar mechanism and grim futuristic vibe. I think you'd find it very interesting.

Best of luck to you! 

Some of them will allow you to play in-browser. If they don't, you can download a free interpreter for it. For mac, I use Spatterlight (which you can also get free from the app store for an iOS device, I believe):

For PC, you can use an interpreter like WinGlulxe:

There are other interpreters, but the only one I use is Spatterlight on my Mac. Perhaps someone else will chime in with a list of other good interpreters.

Welcome to the joy of parser games!

Since a lot of us wouldn't have a working game without your help, thanks to you, Jade. You make it possible.

I'll look at it. Send it to and I'll send you a transcript.

Yes! It's been beta tested twice and is submitted, which means that there will probably be a game-breaking bug in it, of course! But I'm relieved to be done with it so I can focus on playing everyone else's games. Yours sounds intriguing...

AZ-- if you don't have time to make a working in-game hint system (which is really hard to do well!), you could make an html walkthrough that has clickable hints in it so people can use that. Far less time-consuming than putting a hint system in!

I'm so pleased that it worked for your 8-year-old! There is no tougher audience. That was just about the demographic I was trying to target, so I'm thrilled that it is hitting the mark. Thank you!

Thanks, Josh! I had a headache trying to get the game both downloadable and in play online form, as itch seems to allow projects to be one or the other, and many online interpreters don't support images in Inform. So with my limited technological capabilities, using Borogove and providing a link was the best I could do. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Never mind. I can host it on Borogove and keep it hidden until the Jam opens.

I would need to put my game in the IF-archive for the images to display correctly in a play online link. When can I submit it to the archive? I think submitting it there would count as releasing it, but I also know it takes some time for submitted games to become available there. So I'm not sure what to do about that.

Hey y'all--

So my game has ASCII art, and one of the characters is a mermaid, and it was too challenging to clothe her. She does have breasts, but they're just parentheses (no nipples or anything) and the picture is silly, not sexy. Is this acceptable? I'd be happy to email the picture to someone in charge if this is a gray area. Would I have to tag it with nudity because of parenthesis breasts?



I had help! There are so many people willing to play test things that I had it ready to go in short order. I'd love to run through yours for your postComp versions if you like.  Just DM 'em over to me and I'll run through them.

Thanks! The source material is indeed great... I wish I'd done better by it. The post Comp version will be better!

Thank you! It was my first try at speed IF, and it was a wild ride! I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

Thanks! It was supposed to be four poems and four acts,  with a real ending, but of course I ran out of time.