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You can just hit enter when it asks for a name. The main character's default name is Martin Croft.

All the images are pre-rendered, so doing this would basically require remaking the entire game. It would literally take me years. There is no way I'd even consider it.

I had planned to have an update out around now. However, I was seriously ill for a couple of months at the end of last year, and only just got back on track recently. I'm about halfway through putting the next update together, but I'm not ready to set a release date yet.

There is no original manuscript for the bible, and we aren't discussing this in ancient Hebrew. Therefore, to say there is no chance for misinterpretion doesn't really hold water. However, this is hardly my area of expertise so I won't argue the point any further. Besides, I think we are all in agreement with the sentiment I meant to get across, which is that hitting children is bad.

I am also not religious. The headmaster's point was; he believes hitting children (as opposed to young adults) is morally wrong and that the bible doesn't justify it. You say these passages disprove his point, however, all you have proven here is that the bible has been translated many times and the exact wording is very open to interpretation

You need Rachel as a follower.

People vote on what content I make, through Patreon. That's mostly how I earn a living. I present a range of options and people can vote what they want to see me make next. There's no great mystery.

The lotion appears after seeing the girls use it on Rachel. You have to spy on Rachel's room straight after she gets spanked in your office.

The button in the top right if the main map.

As with all IT problems, I'd first suggest turning the device off and on again. If that doesn't help then I'll need to point you over to Discord. Make a query in the help section and we'll see what we can do. 

Who can say what will happen longterm? I do expect to eventually figure out a solution to this problem, or preferably for google to remove their app size restrictions. In the meantime, Joiplay is the best we got for now.

There did use to be a note there although we just upgraded the board meeting UI, so maybe it's not showing. I'll look into it.

There are other story requirements for passing that rule. The quest log should tell you what to do.

Try disabling hardware acceleration in the graphics settings. This guide will tell you how to access them:

You can fix the save with console commands but it's a little complicated and depends where you are in the quest. If you come to the Discord we can help. Easiest thing to do would be to start again though if you are not too far in.

If I make an Android version that only works for some people but not others, I will be spending literally all my time helping people with installations problems and it will probably kill the game in the long run.

Joiplay is not ideal but it's the best solution I have currently. Switching to this system was not my preference or a decision that was taken lightly.

Sound a like a download or decompression error maybe? Try re-extracting the games files of maybe try downloading it again.

There is a link to a walkthrough in the cheat menu. (Red button in the event log).

To get Rachel to level 9 you need to follow the quest log and see the scenes in the locker room after football practice.

The new quest triggers on the next weekday morning. Check the event log to see what's new.

Are you paying a save that you started with the beta version? That's the only way I know of that you could have this bug.

You can still play on Android it's just a little more complicated now. Read the guide we posted at the bottom of the games page.

But both games are essentially free. The minimum donation is 0. Tips are always welcome though.

It's out now for Patrons. I'll release it here for free October 8th.

There's no bug there. Check the walkthrough if you are stuck:

You get a coaching lesson every three lessons. Some events (like opening the girls locker room) have other triggers. There are hints in the replay menu if you click on locked events.

Since Rachel and Cassandra are both in that scene and the hm mentions things that have happened in storylines you need to have both girls at a certain level. Just do whatever quests are available and come back to it.

There are a few events which it's possible to miss. However, you can use the cheat menu to change your choices. For the Emily event in the hallway, you'll need to toggle back to chapter 1 with the cheat menu.

What game version are you playing? There was a bug where you could skip Amy's punishment and lock yourself out of progress, but I thought that was fixed already in v12. You can fix manually with the console. Press shift and o, then type: gpt = True

 then press enter, then type: amy_punish = True

Press enter again, then escape, and Amy will come for punishment at the end of the day.

Have you got enough influence and discipline points?

Yeah, this is a known issue. You can get past it by clicking ignore several times.

The beta hasn't been released publicly. If you are a patron and have questions then come to our Discord. I've posted a walkthrough there and one of my team can help. 

Yes, there is a built-in cheat menu. You can access it from day two, it's hidden in the event log/replay menu.

Yes, there is an issue for a small number of computers moving from one animation to another. Just end the animation by changing position before doing another action.

Thank you very much.

It can't be that difficult to figure out. I've never had anyone complain so much about this before. The board meeting interface is also something that's been redone for the upcoming version anyway.

Also, I tried to help you quite a bit, even going back through my code to figure out where you were going wrong and providing advice. Given that this is a free game and I tried my best to help you, it really doesn't seem reasonable to come on here and attack me over such a minor thing.

The game is coded in the Renpy Engine. The images are created using a very heavily customised version of Playhome Studio by Illusion. I also use Photoshop, Premier, Audacity and Visual Studio Code. 

The android version is smaller (to meet the app file size restrictions) because the images are lower quality and also the Halloween and Christmas specials had to be removed. 

Because of this issue from the next update onwards, I will no longer be releasing a APK file and Android users will need to play the windows version using Joiplay. Save files are transferable across versions. There's more detail in the FAQ section of our Discord.

Rachel is in that scene, so it won't show unless she's your follower. You'll need to get her to level 3. Levelling up the Rachel (and Cassandra) is necessary for other stuff too, like opening up the girls' locker room.

Did you unlock the lake at the board meeting? If you are having trouble there is a walkthrough and people who can give advice on our Discord.

Jimmy should appear the next work day, after the third dream sequence.