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Make sure you've read the files in the recycle bin of the headmasters computer. 

The locker is in the men's changing room. It's the one that says headmaster on it.

You don't need the oitment with Debbie at all. Are you sure you don't need the finger action? Its in the hands on head position. You need to use it last.

Do you mean Rachel? You apply the cream in the over the knee position.

Not yet no.  You'll get access either the next update or the one after.

Complete the staff quests.

Yes, you should be able to.

Lots. There's a detailed change log in our Dev post, or on our Patreon page.

You can press the h button to hide the text box. 

OK, thanks. I'll do a patch and issue a fixed version tomorrow.

I made a mistake when I said the public release was the 5th December here a while back. Public release was always due next weekend. I won't be posting it today. Sorry to disappoint.

I started the F95 thread but I don't maintain it. I only post the game on Patreon and here. Anywhere else is through a third party.

Did you read the files in the recycle bin of the old Headmasters computer?

The bullet point? That's a bug. Don't worry about it. There should be Three Student Quests for Rachel, Debbie and Amy.

There is a walkthrough posted in the FAQ section of the Discord. 

It'll be made public on the 5th of December.

Make sure to read the files in the recycle bin of the Headmasters computer.

Just download the new version and start it up. Old saves transfer automatically.

Its not out yet. Had some last minute bug fixes. It'll be there tonight. Just waiting on the upload.

Well, its about 1700 images, bringing the total in the game to just over 10,000.

Shoot Amy first, then take cover (text button on left).

New version out for patrons today. Its a big update so it took longer.

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

Which character's quest is this? The rules and the quest logs aren't connected so I suspect there's something else going on.

Back up saves are located in: C:\Users\me\Documents\Games\TheHeadmaster-\game\saves Although you can just start a new game. You don't need to delete your save files.

No worries. Not a problem.

The next version is out on November 7th for Patrons and will be out here, for free, in early December. It's a big update so it took longer than usual. Everybody please remain patient. I work 12 hours a day, six days a week on this game. Complaining to me doesn't make the update come any quicker. 

I use some software called Playhome Studio.

Thank you, Lolifox.

I fairly sure the save files will work in either but I've never tested that out.

Both those images are from a scene with Sally in the shower. Teach sports class on a Thursday afternoon. As long as you've given Sally her keys and you've got Debbie as a Prefect then she will get in the shower with you.

You might need to unlock new rules at the school board.

Punish Debbie in your office to follow Miss Newman's storyline. The quest log should telly you what to do.

Hide the stats bar. There's an arrow.

The rule will unlock once you get Debbie to level four and touch her after her punishment. If you didn't do this the first time around use the replay  mode to punish Debbie and pick that option at the end.

What does the quest log tell you to do?

Sounds like you need to unlock the confiscate underwear rule at the school board.

Just download the new version and strat playing. No need to combine files. Saves are backed up elsewhere on the computer so they transfer automatically.

That's the end of the main stroryline so far. You can still see more content for Rachel, Amy and Debbie though. Just check the replay screen to see if you are missing anything.

That image is from the sex scene with Sally in the shower.