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There is more that needs to be done. Check the staff quest log for Miss Chang.

Same place I always am. Sitting in front of my computer working on the game.

There is a built in cheat menu that basically does this already. Just press the red button in the event log three times. 

I'll be doing an announcement on Patreon soon to say version 0.12beta will definitely be out on the 4th of February for $10 patrons, a week later for $5 patrons and it'll be released publically here a month after that.

Thank you very much. It is an insane amount of work, you're not wrong there. Patreon is my preferred donation method but you can also make a donation on itch when you download the game.

Sorry but I have no desire to do this. The game is set in Britain with a British author and the girls speak accordingly. The American characters Charlotte and Trixie use those words but that's about it.

Yup. The save files the same whichever version you are using.

Thank you. Yeah, it's hard to estimate because everyone reads at a different speed and they spend more or less time doing the repeatable events.

Lol. Don't worry about that, it's all written and I don't feel like I'm going to have a melt down any time soon. Mostly I've just got a lot of animations and some coding left to do.

The best place to keep up to date with developments is our Discord, or even better become a patron.

Grades stop falling after discipline gets to 20. Discipline will stop falling after you train the English teacher in the evenings at her apartment. Follow the instructions in the quest log. If you really can't figure it out there is always the cheat menu.

From our FAQ: with every new update the following holds true: - Windows: no need to overwrite your old game, just unpack and play. saves carry over automatically - Mac: You may need to follow these steps:, saves carry over just like windows. - Android: secure your saves to a different location so you won't lose them, uninstall the old version of the game then install the update. lastly move your saves back. if you're installing for the first time, make sure you have enough free space. Android save file location: android/data/altosandherdone.theheadmaster/files/saves

It depends on the options you chose. Be strict to increase discipline.

An official French translation is in the works and should be ready in a couple of months. Other languages will be added eventually.

Teach class until you get the chance to punish Rachel in your office again. You probably missed the new punishment action

In chapter 2 you should have the option to punish Liz, Faye and Priti in class. Until you complete Cassandra's, Amy's and Rachel's quests you can punish them to. Plus on Friday afternoon you can pick which girl to punish. So, there should be plenty of options. When a girl misbehaves focus on classroom punishments and public punishments to increase discipline. Also be sure to unlock all the rules and complete all the active quests.

This is not exactly right. When walking around the school the girls will be in set positions at certain times e.g. Amy in the sports centre on Tuesday morning. However, the repeatable events in class or when patrolling are triggered randomly and aren't linked to the day of week.

I certainly hope so. As long as I'm making a living off Patreon I'll keep making games like this.

I think you are better off installing the game on a new phone and just moving the save files.

The game is free but patrons get early access and other perks.

Thank you :)

The short answer is yes. but check our FAQ section in our Discord for details.

No. The game will always be released for free through Patreon.

Saves are transferable across all devices.

It is possible. You can also use the cheat menu if you missed something

You need to reach chapter 2 to progress, follow the main quests.

No. Neither character scored highly in Patreon polls so they are a lower priority. The next update stars Priti.

Yes it is. Press it three times.

It will be added to the gallery for 0.12.

Yes. Although it's also possible not to. Use the cheat menu if you're stuck.

It's possible you only have 10 points if you forced Priti to undress and Mr Wilson was unhappy with the pictures you gave him. There are lots of options to fix this in the cheat menu (press the big red button 3 times)

On the map screen in the top right. Look under holiday specials.

You can just install the new version over the top of the old one. However for Android, I always recommend backing up your save files first in case they get deleted.

Android save file location: android/data/altosandherdone.theheadmaster/files/saves

Try progressing other storylines and come back to it later. Also, read what the headmaster says at the start of the punishment, he will give hints if you are missing a required rule or item.

Android save file location: android/data/altosandherdone.theheadmaster/files/saves

Hi Dreamavoider. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the special. It took me a week to write and a week to make all the images and animations. Although, I also spent a few evenings and a Sunday morning or two picking out the costumes and doing some of the storyboarding and generally coming up with all the ideas. So it's difficult to say exactly how much time I spent on it. I was also working flat out for the week I put all the images together and gave myself an RSI in my mouse hand, so such a pace of development isn't sustainable long term. 

I switched to a new way of making animations last year and I'm gradually improving with the technique. The animations for the upcoming version 0.12 are leagues ahead of anything I used to be able to make. I think people are going to be quite impressed with the improvements.

That shouldn't make a difference. Just click Sally's bag.

From our FAQ: Android installation doesn't work / grey screen. A few android users have reported this kind of problem. the only things that seem to resolve it are rebooting the device, waiting, and/or trying to install again. it's hard for others to figure out android issues because there are so many different devices with different memory and free space.  A few recommendations gleaned from other people's troubles:

* You should make sure you are downloading a public release from an official site, not a beta. The official ones are hosted on or (see #announcements channel for specific links). there is special compression applied to videos and images in public android releases which is not applied to beta releases

* You generally need at least 2x the installer size in free space (after you download the installer to your device) to get all the dependencies installed. some people have needed more than that free.

* if you have the option to install the game to an SD card instead of directly to the device, that has worked for some folks

* if you've never installed a ren'py game on the device before, it may take quite a while to install all the dependencies. some folks have reported needing to reboot their device and/or run the installer more than once to get around the grey screen

There are some other things you need to have seen first. Specifically stealing Sally's towel on a Monday afternoon. The headmaster gives you a hint after speaking with Jimmy.

The actions needed are different for each girl. Check Amy's walkthrough requirements. You may need to pass new rules at the school board.

I'm not aware of any such bug. Might be another quest interfering. Try looking in all the other rooms. If you're still stuck then you'll need to ask on our Discord.