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i was was way off on the keanu reeves hah a whole different continent off lol. you guys have any more projects in the makings? 

sorry for super late reply lol, if the game is fully out, ill keep my eyes on it, again keep up the amazing work guys!

i made a playthrough!

you guys built a great mystery on the game. the recording in the beginning left me with a lot of questions. The long hallway experience with the rag doll monster, Oof,haha let’s just say, I no longer trust hallways. Had fun playing the game. Thank you devs for checking now my channel and the video. Keep up the good work! I made a small play through for anyone’s to check out!

why you gotta kill crystal she was bae ;-; . I completely forgot about grace. Lol.Y’all better not kill her off too. Jk. yea,definitely let me know when you guys got the get the other game out.

thank you for checking out my video,i really appreciate it. i see you guys made the killer scarier by giving him a more terrifying scream, legit scared the crap outta me lol. the peek update will be useful, i know you guys are gonna use it in the future "episodes" of this game series, so definitely a good move adding that on. i like the mystery you guys build up on the killer, got me questioning if he's a supernatural being or we just suck at shooting and that's why he vanished at the end lol; almost forgot the crystal situation. hopefully she makes it out in the next episodes. than you for your time. keep up the great work, looking forward to your future projects! i made a play-through of it if anyone wants to check it out!

Unique  graphic  style,  enjoyed the demo. That cliffhanger really did a number on me,considering on purchasing the game. Keep up the amazing work! I did a demo playthrough

amazing job for a game that was completed (correct me if im wrong) a time span of 3 days?. it looks really good!. the story was also very creepy and interesting. as soon as the main character showed the doll, i was like "ooh its ones of those games" lol, the main character reminded me of a cartoon version of keanu reeves lol, if you guys were going for that, you guys nailed it. i know you guys get this a lot but the art style looks amazing as heck, the water paintings look whoa :O . you dont get a lot of  games with this kind of style and you guys did an amazing job. i hope you guys have future projects. keep up the good work, i made a small walkthrough of it if! 

keep up the amazing work! I played the first on, instantly liked it so I had to check out the second one.  really digging the weird trippy stories, you guys really captured that “twilight zone” feeling. Will there be another episode? Also I made a playthrough of the video If anyone wants to check it out, thanks and keep up the good work

really enjoyed playing the game! Definitely developed a creepy atmospheric environment, I felt an unnerving feeling throughout the whole game , just waiting for something to jump out lol. I understand this is a demo, but I wish it was longer, but nonetheless, keep up the good work friend 💪🏻

loved the game, keep up the good work! digging the whole "twilight zone" vibe 

(apologize in advance English is my second language) hi, just wanted to leave some feed back, also, keep up the great job, the game has great potential for it to be  a good puzzle game!.cool concept with the quiz in beginning. i got sloth lol. aesthetically it looks nice , a simple room, i like  the ability that most of the items in the room could be interacted with. Didn't experience any glitches, it ran smoothly. i felt the puzzle was kinda short and easy, idk, just me, i had fun tryna solve it, but it was kinda short. again keep up the amazing work guys! thank you for taking the time to read my little review, i did a small play-through if anyone wants to check it out.

(I apologize in advance English is my second language) keep up the good work! :) i throughly enjoyed the game. Honestly kind of a weird/OG concept for a video game (at least to me, Haven’t come across a game like this before). the story base with the whole skeleton thing was really trippy and cool.this is a good example that you can have a good story even being minimalist with the scenario change. (If that makes sense heh) keep up the amazing work! I made a little play through of it if anyone wants check it out

Hey just wanted to leave my thoughts on the game, ( wanna apologize in advance, English is my second language) honestly, this is one of the scarier games I've played in awhile. Firstly,  i like what you guys did with VHS quality idea, it gave it that 70/80's feel,its one of many elements i saw in the game  that gave the game the 70/80's feel. The VHS it creates this unsettling feeling, (for me at least haha) for example (I've seen  movies when like something paranormal/scary happens the recording devices quality begins to static and those strip of static begin to appear until it complete crashes)  i thought that was gonna happen tbh  lol ( i thought it'd be cool, if like the closer the guy got there was a screen distortion as a hint he was close by idk lol). Secondly,  the story was good and straight to the point, that atmosphere was well built up, from the friend missing, to the car crash incident, and getting locked in the gated building office complex. ( i feel it would build up more is there was more character communication between Conner and Crystal, until the locked part of the office yard building complex area and crystal disappears outta nowhere 0.0)  the random step sounds; i think the sounds of rustling steps definitely made the atmosphere more creepier, i was ready to hit the shift button real quick lol; also the scary  chase music  didn't help at all T_T, i mean it work to your guys advantage, literally as i soon as i heard it, i didn't waste time on hitting that shift button lol.

there were somethings i notice on the game that i feel there should be a slight adjustment. the shifting of the keycard from first to second floor was like "bro!" like as soon as you hit the second floor you rarely got a chance to chill and look for stuff. ( i think its okay to keep the bolt cutter and the fuse up the second floor, keeping the key down on the first floor,i feel it gave the player the incentive to continue to keep looking you know?) secondly, the killer dude, okay, like he was thicc asf and ran fast as heck, like to OP, reduction of speed a little bit would cool and would make sense for a guy of that size. also there was a glitch with the table, it stopped the killer from moving, please don't take it off, that table is amazing, lol, jk, but other than the keycar shifting, killer dude speed being to OP, and the table glitch, everything of the game was great. keep up the good work! i made a small playthrough if anyone wants to check it out! 

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I hope this project gets developed into a full game, definitely has potential, kinda like “escape house horror “ game, where  you’re escaping the house while throughout the game finding hidden secrets the house contains; that would be dope as heck!. I did a play through of the game . Keep up the good work guys !💪🏻

Hey, just wanna leave my thoughts on the game, (apologize English is my secondary language)I thought it was an interesting topic to try make a game outta. I feel people including myself can learn from this, and kinda get a better insight about the mental disorder schizophrenia. I personally don’t know anyone with the mental disorder, and this game kinda game me an idea of how this disorder effects people. The game was definitely creepy the atmosphere played it part, it legit made my arm hair stand haha. I did have an issue with the “maze dream” part of the game, the light that’s suppose to illuminate and help the character during he maze didn’t go on still I replayed it and notice the character had a light on him/her. Other than that I didn’t have any issue. Keep up the good work! I also Made a playthrough of the game!

hey just wanted to leave my thoughts on the game. (apologize in advance English is my second language ) to start off, i really liked the art style, like something you'd see in a childrens book (not saying the drawings were bad nothing like that hah ) i think the art style was the reason it caught my attention  tbh lol.  the game ran smoothly, i did however run into a small gitch where the kid gliched and he started to , you  could say fly, but he only flew horizontally. everything else was fine and good. the story was interesting, i have a feeling the kid is dead? (sorry if its a spoiler) so i like the mystery revolving around the possibility that hes just like a "stage dream coma" and needs to escape to wake up...or that hard reality that the kid is dead ( i hope hes not) im really into mystery games so another reason it drew my attention. that went longer then inteded, keep up the good work! looking forward to the full release i did a playthrough adios amigo! 

i made a playthrough of the game, just wanna say, the game was awesome as heck! enjoyed the demo, the mystery revolving about will and the mansion, the other worldly doors we have access too dimensions? the art style one of my favorite things about the game, look fresh, had a unique look that capture my attention, and im sure others too. i'm not one to play "side-scroller" games but this was well amazingly done. keep up the great work guys!

Hi, just wanted to leave my thoughts about the game, from the things i liked and things l didn’t or glitches i found (apologize in advance,English is my secondary language).To start off, the introduction  “information commercial” was funny, cute, and set up the intro nicely. Secondly, i liked that as we enter the game were introduced with 3 different cards. which i assume will then provide 3 different experiences. Based  on the card the player chooses at the start of the game has an impact on the environment later, thus giving it replay value. i always appreciate a Dev that pays attention to detail, from little knick knacks on the table to the decoration around the room they set up, i feel it shows they took time and effort on the project. The quality of the game looks decent, didn’t experience any hiccups, it ran smoothly on my crappy PC hah. The topic of the game was interesting, “perfection” i don’t have much on the topic, other than that word is scary to me now, yo. i did  experience a glitch in my first run on the game, when i left the room where i picked up the “perfection helmet” the head gear thing, right after i left that room my character got kicked out outta the building and started walking outside the building, lol. maybe it just me but i felt the game lacked (correct me if i'm using the word wrong lol) i felt like it could use like a more dark ominous sound in the background to create a dark "ambiance"  like the audio speed slowing down, i feel if there was more stuff like that it be more spoopy. i didn’t really experience much problems apart from the outta map glitch. i had fun playing the game. good job on the project, keep up the good work!. i did a play-through for the game, adios! 

i downloaded the game for windows version.

hey just wanted to leave some feed back.  btw looking forward to the full release! ive never been into "side scroller games" idk if im using that term correctly ^.^!  I'm huge into playing mystery games,  so i had to check it.  starting off with the amount of detail that was put onto the game, just the little thing from the  the messy room, messy book shelve, personalized letters in the room and all the knick knacks around the house, did really good conveying the setting in each new place. The characters were written really well, (played a lot of indie games and sometimes the writing  they had for the characters seemed kinda hollow, like they had no personality)  i could see their personality based on the writing style and how  it change from character to character (as you guys stated on you description) the characters had very distinct personalities from troubled,tryna keep it together, and,sarcastic detective to mysterious,vague with intentions priest...I know the priest did >.> <.< i know it! haha, anyways just wanted to say  keep up the good work guys! i did  a lets play, this is my first part of it. 

hey just wanted to drop some feedback. honestly one of the better indie games ive played in awhile. to start off i really enjoyed the art style of the game, very little nightmare-ish, looks really awesome. i didn't really experience any glitches or lag, for me at least, it ran smoothly. one of my favorite things was the solving puzzle mechanic, being capable to use the characters shadow to assist the character with the puzzle solving, i thought that was really cool.i hope theres a like a full development for this game, id really like to see where it goes. good job the game guys keep up the amazing work!

i gotta say the game looks really good , the game runs really smooth, didn't hit or experience any glitches. graphics wise, the map  looks very appealing, really gave it "abandon" house vibe. the atmosphere was really creepy,  kept me on mah toes, did a good job building it up the more and more as you go thru rooms. the random jump scares with the tables getting flipped. the house rooms  getting smaller really gave a claustrophobic feel. in the Maze portion of the game, i was about to freak if the monster static looking thing went thru the maze as we tried to search for the keys. i think that would be a cool add on to  the chase. it would make it a little harder but would make the chase more fun.  Good job on the game btw, keep up the good work, i was impresses that it was a one person development.  keep it up 

Hey! Just wanted to leave some feedback on the game. Start off, The game had me like.... WTF!. Not in a bad way, just visuals had me all confundeld (totally legit word). had a really trippy vibe. The atmosphere was kinda eerie, and what made it work well was the alteration of the environmental lighting change, just added creepiness. Graphic wise it look clean, didn’t look clunky, everything ran smoothly didn’t have any issues with the interaction between characters. The ending had me a little confused. Other than that, keep up the good work.

hello, i wanted to leave feed back about the game. to start off with the obvious, the graphics look clean; honestly it looked amazing,very detailed, it ran really smoothly. i did fell a little lag in the characters movements, but nothing like bad. the creepy voice really played its rolled, when first introduced to the voice in his head, i legit jumped on my chair,i looked around the room tryna find the source of the voice haha. i however felt the main character sounded a little muffled, but still understandable.  it wouldve been  cool if there was like a couple of notes around the room, just giving a little background story about the game or maybe my dumb butt didn't fully understand lol. but id say it was a good game, keep up the good work! 

hey, its no problem friend, the game definitely deserves more attention.  its got a lot of potential and i wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for your guys hard work. i'm looking forward to playing the full release. keep up the good work.

Hey! just wanted to leave some feedback. also will there be a full release? just got the game yesterday so i'm not that all up to date. i do however, wanted to say everything about the game was put very  well put together. One of my favorite things was the style animation of the game, really don't see that type of animation style much. i can see a lot of work was put into the game. the small little details from the knick knacks on the table to the decorations and the ability to interact with most of the things in the game just show how much time and effort you guys put in the game. also the mystery with the body and leaving it as cliffhanger really drew that mystery more and left me wanted to continue. i hope there is a full release id like to do a full playthrough. awesome work on the game, keep up the good work!

i really enjoyed playing the game, to start off, graphic wise, it looks really good. you guys really put a lot work into, it can been seen by how detailed the house setting was, from the little knick knacks on the tables to the torn up paper wall covers (or whatever they are called lol) it runs really smooth, did experience one little glitch where the mannequins hand  auto connects to the mannequins arm part, it set up incorrectly, it made me crack up; but other than that i didn't  really experience any other glitches.    also the mystery revolving the mannequin drew me into wanting to find out what really happened to the family and the mystery revolving the missing girl and how they could potentially be a connection between them? (spooky bro) i hope this game gets a full release or maybe there is one already?

anyways amazing job on the game. keep up the good work guys!

i have nothing but praise for the game, this game looks amazing. Graphic wise it looks really nice, runs smooth,really solid, didn't experience any glitches,klonkiness (totally legit word). i like the vagueness of the background story of Alice past, i feel its weird thing to say, but give it a nice mystery behind it.  to it which i really loved. the access to items menu things, i feel its a little off, but i know it will  be set straight. i thought id be cool to give the character like a couple of cool melee attacks for the knife but thats just me. good job on the game its look really goo, keep up the amazing job guys ( English

is my second language so sorry for improper grammar) 

i liked the game, i want to start with the game atmosphere. it was very immersive, the unwavering noise of the humming background noise made me really uneasy kept me on my toes. felt like something was going to jump scare me. i felt like i was trapped. good job on making a really  immersive creepy atmosphere. the graphics look well done. nothing was klonky, everything was in place, nothing glitchy. i did notice two of the doors was connected to one room but the second one wasn't an entry point lol. being it was a game that was made in 72 hrs it looks good, really solid. keep up the good work  guys!

Interesting game, interested to find out what the thing at the end was, a supernatural being maybe? honestly it creep me out. good job, build  up a good mystery plot. will there be a continuation?