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Outta the three games I played in this video, this was definitely my favorite. My favorite part was the creepy encounter on the chapel part, now that was really good and creepy. Was really fun to play. Keep up the great work!

i can't believe the last jump scare got me, hah, keepup the good work!

ill keep my eyes on it, the game was fun and has great  potential,keep up the great work!also thank you for checking the video out.

this game gave me L4D flashbacks lol. Gameplay 37:40

I gotta hand it to you Okay.But this game actually got me a little bit. Gameplay at 00:05

minute 44:22

me: *on computer on searching for games*

me: *finds game " new message" * okay, lets gives this game a try


me: it doesn't look scary

me: * at minute 6:39 *  

1st game on the video

This game reminded me of  “scp stairs” I made a small playthrough of the game, it’s the 2nd game of my 3 horror games i left a small review at the end of the game

I really liked the game, graphically nice,pretty and stuff, ran smoothly didn’t have any issues starting it.  the game and story itself felt a little inconsistent. Not enough for push the game aside and not give it a try, but definitely felt the game had potential for more story put into it. Keep up the good work, the concept looks fun tbh, the capabilities to makeshift the dreamworlds or “dream sequences?” into any direction could make a that can be a fun project to explore. I made a small playthrough on my 3 horror games it’s the last game of the video, lol I forgot the time stamp for it ^,^! Check it out!

hey I did a small playthrough of the game, and I got say, great work! Keep up the hard work guys. I was more surprised to find out you guys were two high school freshmen.  I left a small review on the video. Its the first game out of 3 horros games i played! 

This game reminded me of  “scp stairs” I made a small playthrough of the game, it’s the 2nd game of my 3 horror games

oh damn, well amazing job friend.  how long did it take? (second game of video)

The game was really fun, but short, the atmosphere Could use a little more of a build up to create the paranoia feeling. Nonetheless it was a good short play! Keep up the good work.

thank you, i appreciate that, also no worries, keep up the great work! Guys/Gals I’ll be looking forward to what plans you guys will have in store for it! (last game of the video)

Firstly, I wanna say, amazing job on the game. When I was first introduced to the dog/human creepy sounds after picking up the glock and hearing the thing heavily breathing behind,legit took my headphones and was like’ “nah fxck that fam” haha. As soon as I started the game i can feel the atmosphere pull me into this mysterious environment, helping make the encountering of the monsters more creepier. So creepy environment and atmosphere (check) one thing I didn’t like was the inability to collect items or read the notes when carrying the gun, idk  it kinda feels unnecessary to prevent the character to do so,like does my mans really need two hands to pick up the note to read it hah but idk It was something I was meh about. Overall, the game was really good and creepy, and one heck of student project group, keep up the amazing work guys! 

the game was really intresting,  a cool trippy experience the least to say. the makeshift map was great! As soon as the Stairs appeared on the stone structure thing,I was like “oh boy here we go” i like these type of games, the unpredictable map change. Very atmospheric, with new environment we were introduced to you could feel the shift on the atmosphere. I felt this was more as trippy game experience type game. I’d like to see a story be made outta this, like a story revolving around the stone and it’s abilities it has, idk that’s me. Overall I thought the was game was really good, keep up the amazing work! I made a small playthrough it’s The first game on the video if you want to check it out!

amazing quality of game, even more amazing the fact that was made  by two people. great job, i had a blast playing the game. i'm still confused about the game tho, i felt maybe a couple of notes here and there would be a good add to to give like a snip it of the story. maybe develop a little more of a  mystery by giving us a bit of the story. nonetheless you guys build a great playable demo here.  i made a small playthrough along with other two game. its the second game on the video.! keep up the great work!

keep up the great work, really liked the old graphic style, definitely made the atmosphere more appealing and creepy. the jump scares really got haha. didn't experience any problems it ran smooth.  this game outta the three i played definitely almost made  jump outta my seat. creepy sounds and creepy vibes were well put into this little demo. keep up the great work. i made video for it. it's the first game in the video. thank you for checking out the video!

thank you very much! hopefully you guys got some future projects, followed your page and keep my eyes peel for your guys work! and thanks again for checking the video.

I failed to complete the game, but it was really fun. The puzzle was a little hard to read tbh, but a good challenge to test our wits. I have nothing but praise for this game. had a lot of fun tryna figure the puzzle. the appearance and environment mesh properly to build That creepy atmosphere, it kinda created this anxiousness, as you waited for Sophie to pop up. Specially when choosing the incorrect image selection and Sophie  is just be like “you’re wrong” haha really made you chose you choices carefully in fear she might pop up if choosing incorrectly. Keep up the good work guys! I made a playthrough of it,along with other two games,it’s at the last portion of the video.  If you guys wanna check It out. Thank you.

Hey I made a playthrough it’s the second game on of the video. My thoughts on the game. for a student project it looks really good, I have nothing but praise for the game.  encapsulated greatly on that creepy atmosphere,felt like there was something gonna pop up any second. The graphics and environment look clean as heck, very well detailed, tho I felt some areas felt empty, maybe that was just me.There was a distinct lag on the characters movement,but nothing to turn me off from the game. On the paranormal force monster thing, I felt it should’ve been more active and faster and of course also increase the main characters speed, I feel it would make the game a little challenging. But nonetheless keep up the great work guys/gals!

The premise of the game is simple and really fun.Hopefully you add more levels. I made a “3 free indie horror game”  video for it. Keep up the good work!

hey just wanted to leave my thoughts on the game ( sorry English is my secondary language so there will be some grammatical error here and there)

firstly,  i like that you guys decide to convert the project from Mobile to PC to expand your player base! the game has potential with the pc  gaming community.  the game-play feels smooth, didn't really experience any crashing/bugs  when closing/opening the game. there was an issue with the selection of the inverted settings, i'm sure someone has pointed it out already. the function appears to not be working. the 1 hit marker made it a little unappealing, maybe consider adding a deflect action sequence or maybe giving a health bar to go by. maybe increase the zombies speed as well as the characters, i think it might increase the difficulty a lil bit. overall i had fun playing the first part and im looking forward to the second part. keep up the amazing work guys! i made a small playthrough if you want to check out!

i was was way off on the keanu reeves hah a whole different continent off lol. you guys have any more projects in the makings? 

sorry for super late reply lol, if the game is fully out, ill keep my eyes on it, again keep up the amazing work guys!

i made a playthrough!

why you gotta kill crystal she was bae ;-; . I completely forgot about grace. Lol.Y’all better not kill her off too. Jk. yea,definitely let me know when you guys got the get the other game out.

thank you for checking out my video,i really appreciate it. i see you guys made the killer scarier by giving him a more terrifying scream, legit scared the crap outta me lol. the peek update will be useful, i know you guys are gonna use it in the future "episodes" of this game series, so definitely a good move adding that on. i like the mystery you guys build up on the killer, got me questioning if he's a supernatural being or we just suck at shooting and that's why he vanished at the end lol; almost forgot the crystal situation. hopefully she makes it out in the next episodes. than you for your time. keep up the great work, looking forward to your future projects! i made a play-through of it if anyone wants to check it out!

Unique  graphic  style,  enjoyed the demo. That cliffhanger really did a number on me,considering on purchasing the game. Keep up the amazing work! I did a demo playthrough

amazing job for a game that was completed (correct me if im wrong) a time span of 3 days?. it looks really good!. the story was also very creepy and interesting. as soon as the main character showed the doll, i was like "ooh its ones of those games" lol, the main character reminded me of a cartoon version of keanu reeves lol, if you guys were going for that, you guys nailed it. i know you guys get this a lot but the art style looks amazing as heck, the water paintings look whoa :O . you dont get a lot of  games with this kind of style and you guys did an amazing job. i hope you guys have future projects. keep up the good work, i made a small walkthrough of it if! 

keep up the amazing work! I played the first on, instantly liked it so I had to check out the second one.  really digging the weird trippy stories, you guys really captured that “twilight zone” feeling. Will there be another episode? Also I made a playthrough of the video If anyone wants to check it out, thanks and keep up the good work

really enjoyed playing the game! Definitely developed a creepy atmospheric environment, I felt an unnerving feeling throughout the whole game , just waiting for something to jump out lol. I understand this is a demo, but I wish it was longer, but nonetheless, keep up the good work friend 💪🏻

loved the game, keep up the good work! digging the whole "twilight zone" vibe 

(I apologize in advance English is my second language) keep up the good work! :) i throughly enjoyed the game. Honestly kind of a weird/OG concept for a video game (at least to me, Haven’t come across a game like this before). the story base with the whole skeleton thing was really trippy and cool.this is a good example that you can have a good story even being minimalist with the scenario change. (If that makes sense heh) keep up the amazing work! I made a little play through of it if anyone wants check it out