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Jobs (last game of the video)

Firstly, I wanna say, amazing job on the game. When I was first introduced to the dog/human creepy sounds after picking up the glock and hearing the thing heavily breathing behind,legit took my headphones and was like’ “nah fxck that fam” haha. As soon as I started the game i can feel the atmosphere pull me into this mysterious environment, helping make the encountering of the monsters more creepier. So creepy environment and atmosphere (check) one thing I didn’t like was the inability to collect items or read the notes when carrying the gun, idk  it kinda feels unnecessary to prevent the character to do so,like does my mans really need two hands to pick up the note to read it hah but idk It was something I was meh about. Overall, the game was really good and creepy, and one heck of student project group, keep up the amazing work guys! 


Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it. It's actually a solo project.

oh damn, well amazing job friend.  how long did it take?