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the game was really intresting,  a cool trippy experience the least to say. the makeshift map was great! As soon as the Stairs appeared on the stone structure thing,I was like “oh boy here we go” i like these type of games, the unpredictable map change. Very atmospheric, with new environment we were introduced to you could feel the shift on the atmosphere. I felt this was more as trippy game experience type game. I’d like to see a story be made outta this, like a story revolving around the stone and it’s abilities it has, idk that’s me. Overall I thought the was game was really good, keep up the amazing work! I made a small playthrough it’s The first game on the video if you want to check it out!

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Love the energy in your playthrough! Had to cut it real short to get something finished for the game jam, however. Think of this as a short demo that I'll be sure to continue. :) Thank you for recording your reactions!


thank you, i appreciate that, also no worries, keep up the great work! Guys/Gals I’ll be looking forward to what plans you guys will have in store for it!