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At least it's not as bad as socialism or communism

Ah, okay. This conversation died a month ago though.

Wow, that was really fun! Can't wait till the full release.

Thanks, I've been trying to wrap it up for a while, but I do admit that I was kinda using my age as an excuse the first time, but the second time I was just using it to help back up that I hadn't committed any crimes. Sometimes I just find arguing with people fun, and my original post was a little over aggressive. I'm just glad (almost) everyone was civil when they commented.

Also just realized how many dislikes I got on my comments, not too sure what I expected on this site but I'm surprised that many people even cared what I said

First of all, why are you saying we "arbitrarily" decided to make undocumented immigration illegal? Simply letting in anyone who felt like it in the modern day would most likely ruin the economy, and homeless/unemployed rates would skyrocket as the ratio of people to jobs became even more unbalanced. Having open borders would also be a huge security risk, as many immigrants (especially ones who can't get in legally) come from countries that have more violence/gang violence, crime, and terrorism than other countries. This could easily act as a disguise for the people who would do such things. Another reason is that it would offset the voting/political party balance, which is around 50/50 at the moment I believe. Since democrats want to let them in, when they get in, they would vote democrat, in order to keep the ones in power who are keeping them in the country. In the same way, democrats would vote to keep the immigrants in, which would help keep them in power. I know that's not a problem to you, but if you look at it without either of our political biases, it still offsets the balance and would most likely drastically change America, for better or for worse.

I agree with you about it being immoral of companies to take advantage of them, but again, they sort of brought it upon themselves by immigrating here illegally. We shouldn't have to take in everyone who needs refuge just because we feel bad for them. It's not our place to help everyone in the entire world. Shouldn't their own governments be working to better themselves and help out their own population?

And in response to you aggressively saying I better not have committed any crimes, otherwise  no, I haven't. I'm not even 15 yet. Yeah, go ahead, make fun of me, but it's true. You probably won't believe me, and even if you do, you probably have almost no chance of listening to anything I say, but I'm just putting that out there.

um, thanks?

True, I'm not sure about all the facts, but I think I at least know enough to have an opinion. I think I'm doing okay considering I'm barely a teenager.

Which facts are you talking about? I was wrong once and I already acknowledged that...

No I'm just not sure what you're talking about in the previous post

Wow actually never heard of the word denigrate till now. Still not sure what on earth this post means

And for the other article, I guess I was wrong, that's it. I heard somewhere Trump was fixing that problem (which I think Obama put into place, again, not sure since I don't keep up with politics enough) But I do think Trumps right that illegal immigrant families can use children to sort of cheat the system. I think there was another way to do that but I forget. Personally I just think we should send the whole family back where they came from, with this new law in place it'll be the immigrant's fault for crossing illegally. They knew the risks and decided to take them

Ok first of all, I'm not wrong about criminal illegal immigrants. They're criminals because they ILLEGALLY entered the country. Meaning they broke the law. Making them criminals. Also, you directed me to a post about immigrants in general.

Actually, Trump has been the one trying to fix that (children being separated), but nobody wants to admit that he's doing something good even by their standards. Also, ICE is a part of DHS, so I'm not sure what you're really trying to get at

Not really sure what you're saying in the first sentence either, but technically all illegal immigrants commit crimes, so their crime rate is 100%, if that's what you're talking about.

Yeah, how could they say something so politically incorrect, don't they know it's illegal to speak their opinions

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"Any leftover funds are put toward dismantling ICE"

Oh yeah, because enforcing legal immigration is so horrible, who needs to make sure people follow the law.

Honestly this game is just someone making fun of the right wing and disguising it as a "game"

Recently I made a new itch account, and decided to install the itch app for ease of access and use. However, after downloading the itch app installer/setup, I run it and upon completion I get this message:

Something went wrong

itch-setup, v1.13.0, built on Oct 19 2018 @ 06:09:54, ref 8780d58f61fc489d3a686ca357615d32631e06ef

mkdir C:\Users\user\OneDrive\Desktop: The system cannot find the path specified.
while creating shortcut

Anyone know how to fix this?