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And for the other article, I guess I was wrong, that's it. I heard somewhere Trump was fixing that problem (which I think Obama put into place, again, not sure since I don't keep up with politics enough) But I do think Trumps right that illegal immigrant families can use children to sort of cheat the system. I think there was another way to do that but I forget. Personally I just think we should send the whole family back where they came from, with this new law in place it'll be the immigrant's fault for crossing illegally. They knew the risks and decided to take them


Dear Plasma45.

Without any undue hostility, I would encourage you to look up the facts, all of them, from both favorable and hostile sources, and then make up your own, enlightened opinion.


Which facts are you talking about? I was wrong once and I already acknowledged that...


You wrote it yourself: you aren't keeping up with politics enough.  You think that immigrant families are cheating the system. You heard somewhere that it was Obama's fault. I am pretty sure you aren't very familiar with the facts, not enough to make up your own, personal opinion on the matter.


True, I'm not sure about all the facts, but I think I at least know enough to have an opinion. I think I'm doing okay considering I'm barely a teenager.


Well, I have the impression that your sources of information are influencing you a lot and that they are pretty biased. For instance, wrt Trump fixing a problem put in place by Obama, it is true that some legislation allowing separating children from their parent was there before Trump, but it was under his administration that much more separations occurred, on a very different basis, because of new policies. Saying “We should separate children from abusive parents” and “We should separate children from their parents as a mean to punish them” are very different things.