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..i shall give this a go!  thanks for the response and general and thanks for answering so fast! also, ill be playing your new game soon, so expect me to be chatting about that one as well soon! 

ok, my only Plugin questions....1, howd you get that creepy title screen with the flashing name and all? and 2, how'd you get the inventory to just have the items and journal....poked around in the plugins but couldnt figure it out, figured id just ask

you have no idea. If you recall, i was equally impressed with your last game (im also the WillsMonster guy from reddit who commented in hopes to entice other users to try your game as you deserve it) What you do, is quality, and your 2/2 now in blowing my mind. 

ooooooo that be awesome, im super curious to know the plug-ins. And youre still doing this through MV right O.o or another of the RPGmakers? (pretty sure i saw the MV logo in my investigations)

....i personally think youre a genius and its hard to play your games because there so greta and so well done i instantly want to go start working on a game of my own.

how the F**K did you make this with RPGmaker. Once again, you blow my mind, im borderline begging you to teach me how you got some of this stuff to work. I dont know if its mods, or if your extreamly clever but one again this is an amazing quality game. Im only a few minutes in and once again had to stop in shock. Mind bended at how you made something so great. WOW. also....this is spooksville O.,O i am scared. 

what program did you use to make this?

(1 edit)

as an RPGmaker user my self who has DREAMED of making a game like this, i am 1. so jealous and 2. SO blown away how you did this. PLEASE PLEASE consider doing a tutorial on how you did it. ITS AMAZING.

(edit)-okay i wrote this while i was waiting ten minutes...i see the plug in in the credits

1. thank you...but 2. you know i had to go listen to it and LOL!!! HAHAHAHA i loved it

btw, thank you SO SO SO MUCH for doing this, this is about and beyond kind so thank you. 

it says its not available :(. And it prob is good to wait, but i myself have found no bugs and am currently impressed with whats there. 

hello again, okay, soi really tried to resist asking again, and leave you be, but i cant.  i know we talked about the big ghostie....and putting the $ in front,(which ive done to some degree, but no clue why it works or how to get my character that big)  but what else did you label the file? like im guessing it'll be something like $ghost[ 4 4 4 4] ? How many frames are possible on the sprite sheet? trying to find out if i can use that same trick to make the player character that big...(also, tried that Pixel Maker Game MV program, a big step up in the complicated department, but in the long run, when i eventually figure it out, it'll be great.)

No no its totally fine, all good. But yea, thats on purpose, and im glad you caught it. 

I'll check it out, drop me the link


yes, close, he replaces the guy. (its technically impossible for it to replace the girl with how that scenes done) but you're right, you catch a glimpse of him towards the end. Partly to let you know that boy is the same boy you play as 8 years later in the main story, Partly to symbolize for how long the Darkness has been there. Thats certainly not his origin, but hes there.  I can also say, that's not the only time Dark man can be seen hiding in the scene.....I appreciate you reporting this, but its all good. i did/do my best to build an experience with layers, for players who want that from there game. i do my best to make a rich game so its worth people investing there time, which leads me to once again, if i haven't already say, thank you for playing my game :)

that was...kinda what i was going for. In the end, it all means something, and makes a lot of sense when you know what it meant. But theres also a lot of hints in there to be picked up on. But as long as people enjoy the "oh cool", I'm happy. 

ive done the "$" thing, just never like that. it was beautiful! and i did not kill him, i saw it holding something (looked like a huge lemon), and i walked in front of it (never getting to close) and it never charged me, so i sorta assumed he was just lost, possibly scared? Like he was just trying to protect the thing he was holding maybe? Also, he looked like a platypus and that was too cute to hurt. and it said i had to get him out of town not kill it, so i figured if i could take a more peaceful route, that be best. and also i had a theory for a while, which was later touched upon....that the beast might be my doggy. I still hope that beasty is okay. i have weird theories about the shooter too....does this game have hidden lore? Cause i could deff see some theories and behind the scene stuff possibly going on. 

oh i would love to have some one to consult, so thank you. Especially since were both using RPGmaker, allow me to also offer some assistance. I have been using the program for a good while, and like you, have a pile of games that i never finished. For me, it was always about the mechanics and how the game was going to operate. So let me say, i'm also here if you need any help/advice. Like you, i make all my own music so i know the struggle.  but anyways, i think it be valuable for both of us to have someone who is using RPGmaker and trying to do something fresh with it, to bounce ideas off of, or get advice from. :)

though i do have this to report..., i clicked off to balance the sound, and when i came back the water was still there....

i beat it. HOLY CANOLI and just gets better, Though....i have questions about the....meat eating fellow...i thought he was....but then. well no spoilers. but i loved it.  and a particular part towards the end was done AMAZINGLY

aw shucks, thanks. I may add a little more to the game in the future, i have other life events that i could bend to fit into that world. That's partly why the very end of the game is where/when it is, to kind of float the idea, that there's a story to get from that point, to where you are in the majority of the game. It all wraps up nicely with that scene, but there is more. The fun thing is, because the bulk takes place in the right now, any more content i make, would have to take place before it all. so it would all have to be prequel, which is a way im not use to working so it could be fun. And yea, im so excited for the PGM because i have old ideas id like to bring to life with it. Im hoping it has a lot in common with RPGmaker so that i'll already have at least some what of an understanding with how it works. 

oh, i got that far, played through the house of horrors...i LOVED it. especially that very VERY scary ending. How you did the shakey words at the end is a mystery, im assuming...mod/plug in? also, the tall walking gentlemen, he blew my mind SO hard. but no, trust me, that was great. I didn't bring it up because im still sitting here wondering how you did the tall walking man, and i have guesses, and i wont break it down here too much, but trust me, that part is really good. it was another moment in the game where it was so well done i was like "i need to step up my game"

well it worked perfectly! and yea i do all the art myself, but your game and your art put me to shame! i will say, slightly in my defense, that the art style in it was a new thing for me, so im noob at it. but i do have a friend i will hopefulyl work with in the near future on a game and hes WAY talented at it. ALSO, just a heads up, look up Pixel Game Maker MV on steam, its a new engine by the RPGmaker people, but you could make a more mega man style game...figured id tell you cause it might peak your interest. 

the save game thing is probably totally my font so dony worry too much.  Game jam or not, id be BLOWN away by this, and the jam thing just makes it all the more mind bending...without too much spoilers...theres a section where the player interacts with an instrument, it was at that moment i went from impressed to blown away. you're being clever with RPG maker, like i try to be, so i assure you this will not go unnoticed with other people playing. if i didnt know RPGmaker as well as i did i wouldn't have guessed you made it on there because from the opening, it was stunning and looked great. seriously, i know im rambling a bit, but when someone deserves to hear it, i make sure they do. 

the more i play and the more i think about parts of this game, the more and more im impressed.And im not even finished! I had stopped to go eat, but it didn't save my save...dont know if thats my fault or what, so ill have to replay through, but im fine with that. As an RPGmaker user myself, this blows my mind with its goodness!

The Divide community · Created a new topic HOLY SMOKES

This is....SSSOOO amazing. and so well done. i cant currently even put it into words. 

gosh, its weird that you say Honest, cause i think thats how i'd describe this, and the punk rock vibe in general...about being real and honest. i like it. keep cracken on! i look forward to what you do next. :)

I LOVE IT! im not finished, but i already love it. Sound design is great, graphics are great. My only suggestion, is possibly consider making C dodge, as its easier to hit during combat. Other then that, as far as core game, no complaints. im excited to complete this. 

OK, ive tried it now. And after several heart attacks, i can say i enjoy this and many of the choices made in it. I love the Delver esq ness. i only got so far...-_- couldnt find a key. But its all good, and works as the game that it is! i love the graphics, so keep on keepen on my friend!

i HAVE to play this. i have never in my life met anyone else who knew what a dullahan was. i love you a bit now. im HYPE to play this, just had to say that first thing before i even try it. 

this game reminds me of the original Delver, and i love Delver!! excited to play this!

that screaming son of a B is making me rage! i found both the other people and all, but i havent figured it all out. i like it, but its deff rage inducing. how does that thing work? cause now im getting killed like, 15 seconds into each game 

you again! saw a post on reddit and then when i saw the graphics i was like....wait, i know this guy! well il lfollow now for more horror games, but im excited to give this a try!

well that was bat shit crazy. That red guy can be a dick, my wifes a total beyotch....i loved it. I just wished the people who came up to me were as insane. but i loved it. i could see this being lets played, and people rage quiting. it was awesome. 

I like it. It feels very...Punk Rock. in a way. My reasoning doesnt always make sense when i say it out loud, but i assure you in my head, it makes sense. It feels very alive this game. I can feel you in this game. and thats pretty cool! means you did a good job getting your point across. I like it :)

As someone whose toyed with an idea like this, i surely think it can grow into a bigger concept. What put the world in ruins? Will we ever find out? In a way, it reminded me of Little Nightmares...i think you could do big stuff with this concept. i like it. 

that art WOW. This game...Holy F**K. i loved it! it was...different, and felt so....unearthly. it was awesome. 

ooooooooooo. 1. Screw normal 2. here...==|[====>  a sword for when the demons come :) 

The atmosphere is great. Perfect, a little silent hilly (which i LOVE) and as an RPGmaker user myself and someone who knows this mod, i love it even more!

i like it. As someone who can relate, i feel this game does a good job of not trying to break down this feeling too much, but present a life which someone can relate too. that makes me have the feels/