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can i just say....i never even noticed that. Id say just go for the one that says BLANK if you havent already gave it a go. also, thank you for the chuckle as its bonkers to me that somehow people find this little Jam game of all games.

it does! I really appreciate the quick and accurate response! much appreciated. Have a great day!

thanks! Good to know, and that would be greatly appreciated!

I vaguely remember when signing up years ago, it said something that you couldnt have multiple accounts that paid out to the same bank account. Is this true? i couldnt find this stated anywhere again, so i fully admit i could be imagining this, i just wondered if anyone knew for sure. 

just popping in to congratulate you on the release! WOO!!! 

yea man! im actually now spending the majority of my time working for other people! so its pretty crazy. but you were/our one of my OG faves on here, so glad to see youre still kicken!!

HEY MAN! glad to see youre well and still working on stuff! im gonna have to explore this update soon! many good vibes to you i send! 

Thanks! It remains my only endeavor into a Game Jam, it was made so quick, but it was made with a concept that was SO clear to me, and im really happy that it has the right feel and right amount of weirdness. 

Sure, share a link or invite me or whatever you gotta do :)

I have seen it live streamed, but by someone who was totally new to it, so it was a sort of crowd sourcing for answers situation, and that was very interesting. (and super informative to me, and led to several fixes and updates) If 'im being totally honest, id be honored if you chose to do that, but would very much leave it up to you. It has the appeal of being free, so any one who showed interest would be welcome to poke around in it themselves. There's Multiple endings, so if you think you have an audience that might enjoy you poking around to find more, then i think it could lend itself again to have people saying try this and try that. Not to mention, they could join you in playing and perhaps discover things you haven't. But in total honesty, and transparency id say Yes,but only if you think their might be more you haven't discovered, such as, the game has multiple endings with a view of the outside world. I tried my best to layer this game with replay value. 

perhaps! Though, as time passes, those creatures may learn to speak, and history may blur, people will remember pets being there that weren't. or not remember certain pets being there may even think some pets are talking differently then before O.O I try to leave room in every game for them to breathe in the future, if it seems viable. 

you certainly have the right idea, but ill give you some help as it takes context clues to put this together (Including twitter posts and weird expanded universe around the game so its not the easiest thing to pick up), some pets are smarter then others, some more advanced, and each has a unique set of qualities to them. Some can communicate openly, some can't. Some may understand English, but can't speak it. However they may be able to communicate in English but not through the usual method. Their is an order and symbolism behind language in this game. For example, the most powerful pets can be HEARD speaking. The second most can be seen speaking English. So...if you come across someone not speaking clearly or communicating clearly, you can presume they are potentially weak OR they were never intended to communicate as it was deemed unnecessary for them to be able to do so. This to however, has implications in the reality of the game. 

thanks man, yea i feel ya, ive been working on a variety of weird things, tryna feel out whats right. I think the next game might be VERY different, so that's exciting. Hmm O.o have we talked about music before, i feel like i remember you doing music. you should deff share a link, especially if you released what you've been working on some where, id love to hear it! and oo reincarnation? sounds interesting, O.O

btw, glad to see you're still around!

the hint block i admit could be put in better and i may do so at some point. It was something added later to help people as that area was very difficult for folks. So i agree i could do that better. Im super glad you like it though, it was actually a game i made about 2 years ago which i completely remade and remastered to release it here and am now adding content. Id love to see you do a take on the concept. I deff think theres a lot that can be done with it, and i may try more in the future. Its also a fun excuse to design monsters!

GAME THEORY TIME: So, i did some research.....Cone shaped trees with a longer trunk like that,
and most of the greenery towards the top isn't super common like you might at first think. 
There are a variety of Conical trees, but not all have their greenery so high up.
So, it leads me to believe that with the shape, color and size, they are specifically Jack Pines.
The path itself through the woods appears to be dirt, not road, which could imply this
game takes place in the past, but doesn't guarantee it as their are still dirt roads today.
Roads are often closer to cities, so i started to think this game takes place far away from the city,
but that too wouldn't be true. Judging by the number of stars in the sky being sparse, its fair
to assume light pollution from an established city is blocking out the visibility of some stars.
While the city is never seen, and is at this point speculation, we can assume that at very least a large,
well lit something is blocking out the light of the stars, but for now will assume city.
Which brings the game into the modern day and times. 
Before, i could only assume the game took place AFTER 1708, as the telescope was invented in 1608,
and became closer to its modern version 100 or so years later, ever so, the telescope the figure
is using seems pretty compact and to be working well, so i would have EASILY added another 100 years or so
bringing the game to 1808, but now dare i say i could bring it to the year 2000s or so.
This is all assuming, it takes place on Earth in our universe. 
SO what city? Well, lets see where Jack Pines are most common...and we arrive at....Northwestern Ontario
And some northern-eastern regions of the United States! Now, its safe to make the assumption the character 
ISNT in Canada. The character owns a telescope and is CLEARLY interested in the stars, so if the character
was in Northwestern Ontario, they'd likely be looking at a sky watchers dream...The Northern Lights.
It would make sense that if you're looking for beauty in the sky, and lived close to such a phenomenon
that it would be what you'd stare at, but this sky is only full of scattered stars.
Yea, even from the more southern areas of this trees available region in Canada, the northern lights can be glanced,
but in this game, they're no where to be seen. So we can now assume, the character is in Central or North-Eastern America.
The character is still however staring North, which is why they can see The Big Dipper and What is presumed to be, 
The North Star. So if we go by averages, we can then assume the character is maybe in the North Dakota Area,
however the biggest city in North Dakota is Fargo, which, upon examination, isn't the hustling bustling city id
expect to be creating light pollution. However, what if i was wrong? what if they're not Jack Pines,
so i continued to research for a tree i felt really matched the image of the tree shown, and i found one,
Pinus ponderosa, which is located where? South Dakota! All roads lead to the Dakotas! So, whats the biggest city in
South Dakota....Sioux Falls, and now THATS what i'd call a city. Deff looks like it would have some night light pollution,
but also has a good surrounding of Rural area and dirt roads. So, my best guess is the hooded figure is on a dirt road
not too far from Sioux Falls. 
Now, my next plan was to measure some distances, based on the average height of the type of tree, the distance to the
horizon, and use that, to judge the size of the tree, and how they're perceived smaller from a distance all to determine
the height of the creature....but i cant see the creatures legs! However, that doesn't matter, not too much....
I can still speculate fairly well, based on one small assumption, that whatevers under the cloak, is humanoid.
I researched the Telescope of the figure, and found the thickest, brass (to match the color) Telescope i could,
The one i found was a nautical telescope at 16 inches long, broken up into 5 parts, as we see splits on the scope
with most parts being about 3.5 inchs, and the front part being 2 inches. so i measure each section on screen,
and that equals to 5cm, and the length of the hand is equal to 7cm so each cm is equal to .7 inches. 
so the hand would be a whopping 4.9 inches across. however the character is wearing a loose fitting garment so
the hand might be smaller, however, that doesnt effect the rest of our calculations.
the arm, is about 33cms long, the length of his back about 20, however, its at an angle, and were loosing some dimension,
so best to add 2cms to compensate, so its 22cm, plus two arms at 33cm, ad thats 88cms wing spand, why does that matter?
In humands, our wing span, is the same as our height, so if we assume this figure is humanoid, that means the character
in the game is...61.6 inches tall, so, lets say 62inchs, or abotu 5 foot, 2inches. HES A LITTLE GUY!
Like...Me...WOAHO IS THIS GAME ABOUT ME? So, we have a 5foot2 figured, in South Dakota staring at the stars...
Judging from the height, statistical the character is....female?
Maybe, we can't be sure of the characters age, so you might say, WELL, it just might be a kid and thats why 
they are short.
However, they talk about the crushing world, as a character whose lived through several stressed years, and is
questioning their future, and its unlikely that its a child pondering where they are going in life, 
so it makes me believe this is surely an adult. Which again means, possibly a short male, but more likely,
anyways, this is all just a theory and speculation. Good Game, challenging. 

..i shall give this a go!  thanks for the response and general and thanks for answering so fast! also, ill be playing your new game soon, so expect me to be chatting about that one as well soon! 

ok, my only Plugin questions....1, howd you get that creepy title screen with the flashing name and all? and 2, how'd you get the inventory to just have the items and journal....poked around in the plugins but couldnt figure it out, figured id just ask

you have no idea. If you recall, i was equally impressed with your last game (im also the WillsMonster guy from reddit who commented in hopes to entice other users to try your game as you deserve it) What you do, is quality, and your 2/2 now in blowing my mind. 

ooooooo that be awesome, im super curious to know the plug-ins. And youre still doing this through MV right O.o or another of the RPGmakers? (pretty sure i saw the MV logo in my investigations)

....i personally think youre a genius and its hard to play your games because there so greta and so well done i instantly want to go start working on a game of my own.

how the F**K did you make this with RPGmaker. Once again, you blow my mind, im borderline begging you to teach me how you got some of this stuff to work. I dont know if its mods, or if your extreamly clever but one again this is an amazing quality game. Im only a few minutes in and once again had to stop in shock. Mind bended at how you made something so great. WOW. also....this is spooksville O.,O i am scared. 

what program did you use to make this?

(1 edit)

as an RPGmaker user my self who has DREAMED of making a game like this, i am 1. so jealous and 2. SO blown away how you did this. PLEASE PLEASE consider doing a tutorial on how you did it. ITS AMAZING.

(edit)-okay i wrote this while i was waiting ten minutes...i see the plug in in the credits

1. thank you...but 2. you know i had to go listen to it and LOL!!! HAHAHAHA i loved it

btw, thank you SO SO SO MUCH for doing this, this is about and beyond kind so thank you. 

it says its not available :(. And it prob is good to wait, but i myself have found no bugs and am currently impressed with whats there. 

hello again, okay, soi really tried to resist asking again, and leave you be, but i cant.  i know we talked about the big ghostie....and putting the $ in front,(which ive done to some degree, but no clue why it works or how to get my character that big)  but what else did you label the file? like im guessing it'll be something like $ghost[ 4 4 4 4] ? How many frames are possible on the sprite sheet? trying to find out if i can use that same trick to make the player character that big...(also, tried that Pixel Maker Game MV program, a big step up in the complicated department, but in the long run, when i eventually figure it out, it'll be great.)

No no its totally fine, all good. But yea, thats on purpose, and im glad you caught it. 

I'll check it out, drop me the link


yes, close, he replaces the guy. (its technically impossible for it to replace the girl with how that scenes done) but you're right, you catch a glimpse of him towards the end. Partly to let you know that boy is the same boy you play as 8 years later in the main story, Partly to symbolize for how long the Darkness has been there. Thats certainly not his origin, but hes there.  I can also say, that's not the only time Dark man can be seen hiding in the scene.....I appreciate you reporting this, but its all good. i did/do my best to build an experience with layers, for players who want that from there game. i do my best to make a rich game so its worth people investing there time, which leads me to once again, if i haven't already say, thank you for playing my game :)

that was...kinda what i was going for. In the end, it all means something, and makes a lot of sense when you know what it meant. But theres also a lot of hints in there to be picked up on. But as long as people enjoy the "oh cool", I'm happy. 

ive done the "$" thing, just never like that. it was beautiful! and i did not kill him, i saw it holding something (looked like a huge lemon), and i walked in front of it (never getting to close) and it never charged me, so i sorta assumed he was just lost, possibly scared? Like he was just trying to protect the thing he was holding maybe? Also, he looked like a platypus and that was too cute to hurt. and it said i had to get him out of town not kill it, so i figured if i could take a more peaceful route, that be best. and also i had a theory for a while, which was later touched upon....that the beast might be my doggy. I still hope that beasty is okay. i have weird theories about the shooter too....does this game have hidden lore? Cause i could deff see some theories and behind the scene stuff possibly going on. 

oh i would love to have some one to consult, so thank you. Especially since were both using RPGmaker, allow me to also offer some assistance. I have been using the program for a good while, and like you, have a pile of games that i never finished. For me, it was always about the mechanics and how the game was going to operate. So let me say, i'm also here if you need any help/advice. Like you, i make all my own music so i know the struggle.  but anyways, i think it be valuable for both of us to have someone who is using RPGmaker and trying to do something fresh with it, to bounce ideas off of, or get advice from. :)

though i do have this to report..., i clicked off to balance the sound, and when i came back the water was still there....

i beat it. HOLY CANOLI and just gets better, Though....i have questions about the....meat eating fellow...i thought he was....but then. well no spoilers. but i loved it.  and a particular part towards the end was done AMAZINGLY

aw shucks, thanks. I may add a little more to the game in the future, i have other life events that i could bend to fit into that world. That's partly why the very end of the game is where/when it is, to kind of float the idea, that there's a story to get from that point, to where you are in the majority of the game. It all wraps up nicely with that scene, but there is more. The fun thing is, because the bulk takes place in the right now, any more content i make, would have to take place before it all. so it would all have to be prequel, which is a way im not use to working so it could be fun. And yea, im so excited for the PGM because i have old ideas id like to bring to life with it. Im hoping it has a lot in common with RPGmaker so that i'll already have at least some what of an understanding with how it works. 

oh, i got that far, played through the house of horrors...i LOVED it. especially that very VERY scary ending. How you did the shakey words at the end is a mystery, im assuming...mod/plug in? also, the tall walking gentlemen, he blew my mind SO hard. but no, trust me, that was great. I didn't bring it up because im still sitting here wondering how you did the tall walking man, and i have guesses, and i wont break it down here too much, but trust me, that part is really good. it was another moment in the game where it was so well done i was like "i need to step up my game"

well it worked perfectly! and yea i do all the art myself, but your game and your art put me to shame! i will say, slightly in my defense, that the art style in it was a new thing for me, so im noob at it. but i do have a friend i will hopefulyl work with in the near future on a game and hes WAY talented at it. ALSO, just a heads up, look up Pixel Game Maker MV on steam, its a new engine by the RPGmaker people, but you could make a more mega man style game...figured id tell you cause it might peak your interest.