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GAME THEORY TIME: So, i did some research.....Cone shaped trees with a longer trunk like that,
and most of the greenery towards the top isn't super common like you might at first think. 
There are a variety of Conical trees, but not all have their greenery so high up.
So, it leads me to believe that with the shape, color and size, they are specifically Jack Pines.
The path itself through the woods appears to be dirt, not road, which could imply this
game takes place in the past, but doesn't guarantee it as their are still dirt roads today.
Roads are often closer to cities, so i started to think this game takes place far away from the city,
but that too wouldn't be true. Judging by the number of stars in the sky being sparse, its fair
to assume light pollution from an established city is blocking out the visibility of some stars.
While the city is never seen, and is at this point speculation, we can assume that at very least a large,
well lit something is blocking out the light of the stars, but for now will assume city.
Which brings the game into the modern day and times. 
Before, i could only assume the game took place AFTER 1708, as the telescope was invented in 1608,
and became closer to its modern version 100 or so years later, ever so, the telescope the figure
is using seems pretty compact and to be working well, so i would have EASILY added another 100 years or so
bringing the game to 1808, but now dare i say i could bring it to the year 2000s or so.
This is all assuming, it takes place on Earth in our universe. 
SO what city? Well, lets see where Jack Pines are most common...and we arrive at....Northwestern Ontario
And some northern-eastern regions of the United States! Now, its safe to make the assumption the character 
ISNT in Canada. The character owns a telescope and is CLEARLY interested in the stars, so if the character
was in Northwestern Ontario, they'd likely be looking at a sky watchers dream...The Northern Lights.
It would make sense that if you're looking for beauty in the sky, and lived close to such a phenomenon
that it would be what you'd stare at, but this sky is only full of scattered stars.
Yea, even from the more southern areas of this trees available region in Canada, the northern lights can be glanced,
but in this game, they're no where to be seen. So we can now assume, the character is in Central or North-Eastern America.
The character is still however staring North, which is why they can see The Big Dipper and What is presumed to be, 
The North Star. So if we go by averages, we can then assume the character is maybe in the North Dakota Area,
however the biggest city in North Dakota is Fargo, which, upon examination, isn't the hustling bustling city id
expect to be creating light pollution. However, what if i was wrong? what if they're not Jack Pines,
so i continued to research for a tree i felt really matched the image of the tree shown, and i found one,
Pinus ponderosa, which is located where? South Dakota! All roads lead to the Dakotas! So, whats the biggest city in
South Dakota....Sioux Falls, and now THATS what i'd call a city. Deff looks like it would have some night light pollution,
but also has a good surrounding of Rural area and dirt roads. So, my best guess is the hooded figure is on a dirt road
not too far from Sioux Falls. 
Now, my next plan was to measure some distances, based on the average height of the type of tree, the distance to the
horizon, and use that, to judge the size of the tree, and how they're perceived smaller from a distance all to determine
the height of the creature....but i cant see the creatures legs! However, that doesn't matter, not too much....
I can still speculate fairly well, based on one small assumption, that whatevers under the cloak, is humanoid.
I researched the Telescope of the figure, and found the thickest, brass (to match the color) Telescope i could,
The one i found was a nautical telescope at 16 inches long, broken up into 5 parts, as we see splits on the scope
with most parts being about 3.5 inchs, and the front part being 2 inches. so i measure each section on screen,
and that equals to 5cm, and the length of the hand is equal to 7cm so each cm is equal to .7 inches. 
so the hand would be a whopping 4.9 inches across. however the character is wearing a loose fitting garment so
the hand might be smaller, however, that doesnt effect the rest of our calculations.
the arm, is about 33cms long, the length of his back about 20, however, its at an angle, and were loosing some dimension,
so best to add 2cms to compensate, so its 22cm, plus two arms at 33cm, ad thats 88cms wing spand, why does that matter?
In humands, our wing span, is the same as our height, so if we assume this figure is humanoid, that means the character
in the game is...61.6 inches tall, so, lets say 62inchs, or abotu 5 foot, 2inches. HES A LITTLE GUY!
Like...Me...WOAHO IS THIS GAME ABOUT ME? So, we have a 5foot2 figured, in South Dakota staring at the stars...
Judging from the height, statistical the character is....female?
Maybe, we can't be sure of the characters age, so you might say, WELL, it just might be a kid and thats why 
they are short.
However, they talk about the crushing world, as a character whose lived through several stressed years, and is
questioning their future, and its unlikely that its a child pondering where they are going in life, 
so it makes me believe this is surely an adult. Which again means, possibly a short male, but more likely,
anyways, this is all just a theory and speculation. Good Game, challenging. 


No comment on any of my games will ever top this one