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ok, my only Plugin questions....1, howd you get that creepy title screen with the flashing name and all? and 2, how'd you get the inventory to just have the items and journal....poked around in the plugins but couldnt figure it out, figured id just ask


I skip the rpg maker title screen altogether. The game starts on a blank map and I use picture files to draw my own title screen. The background (what you can see through the window), office wall and text are all separate pictures. This lets me manipulate them using the move picture command (turning the background white during lightning flashes for example.) 

Then I just use a show choices command over the top of all that and voila! Title screen. 

Oh god the inventory screen. Yeah so I did my own plugin for all of that and I just worked it out as I went along, I think I made a real mess of it but I got it working how I wanted to in the end! 

To remove weapons and armor from the inventory you can use this code as a plugin:

Window_ItemCategory.prototype.makeCommandList = function() {
    this.addCommand(TextManager.item,    'item');
    //this.addCommand(TextManager.weapon,  'weapon');
    //this.addCommand(TextManager.armor,   'armor');
    this.addCommand(TextManager.keyItem, 'keyItem');

You can see all I've done here is comment out the weapon and armor with '//'. The key item category I renamed to 'notes' in the Database -> Terms section. There may be a better way to do this, but it worked for me!

..i shall give this a go!  thanks for the response and general and thanks for answering so fast! also, ill be playing your new game soon, so expect me to be chatting about that one as well soon!