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A Little Red Panda

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Thanks, but I tried that. When I refresh it just restarts the game again

Hey, I've just gotten into Bitsy and after encountering a bug (from what I read on here, it's something to do with there being no room 0) I copied the game data into a notepad file and reset it. But how do I load the data back into Bitsy? Thanks

I really liked it (and that sweet soundtrack) but the handling feels off. I managed to die by falling back and hitting the top, but if I'd tapped space I would have hit the front. It is super cute, though :)

Thanks for your feedback! I definetly agree with you, as I was playing through it once it was done I realised I'd missed any kind of feedback >.>

Thanks Jupiter :)


Me too, can't wait to see what people come up with!

Yep it's as simple as that! You can even work with other people, although it'd be good if you wrote who did what in that case.

And yeah, game jams are a great way getting into making games, as well as trying out new techniques and processes without any pressure :)