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I would like to be a starforged paladin for a mysterious (read evil) entity, thank you very much

I added some more community copies, feel free to take one! You can always come back and buy the game when you have the money if you do enjoy it

This is so helpful! Thank you!

I used Google docs and Canva for the layout of some of my games, but currently I use InDesign. I think Canva is pretty intuitive to use and most functions are free so I would recommend that.

These all look so cool!!!

Yet another excellent game from Wendi, the layout is absolutely stunning, the writing is funny and pungent  in equal measure

And if you’d like to see people playing this game to familiarize with the mechanics here’s a completely unhinged play through of it where I couldn’t stop laughing:

I think so, yeah! The mechanics are pretty simple, and since everyone can play the ghost and the scenes can be played out or simply described, even if you are still getting used to role playing you’ll be able to play it no problem :))

Hi! I’m a latam creator and all you can work with any of my games for this jam, but if I had to recommend one I think Mew Mew Magic ) is the more receptive to third party content out of my games. It is a Belonging Outside Belonging / No Dice No Masters game so you might already be familiar with writing for these sort of games and since it has playbooks and setting elements it could be easy to add unto it.

I'd love that!

I'd love to translate something from a Latin American creator and I also any of my games are available for translating. A couple of them already have translations in Portuguese and I think would be great candidates for a translation in Spanish (you won't have to worry about which you is plural and which you is singular). So if anyone want to swap games I think that would be a lot of fun.

I had Mew Mew Magic in the drafts for over an year, I had the idea for it before any of the other ttrpgs I published. Now it's finally ready! And I even comissioned art for it :)) Maybe it was for the better that it was kept in the bench for so long, an year ago I wouldn't have been able to get a wonderful cover art

I’m happy that you like them!! Thank you for writing gfomgf 

I just published a bookmark/game/micro larp (live action role play) that I designed. I made it to help myself get back into reading. Or more specifically to help me read "serious" books, because since I do default to reading fantasy/magic-y books, I thought adding some magic to other books could help. It essentially adds "mini games" and a witch character you're playing as to reading any book.

It is free, so please do download and print it if you think that's something that you'd enjoy or that would also help you.

Great game! Rules light, but builds upon the Lasers and Feelings model adding enough to make it conducive for Wilde worthy storytelling

I just published a two-player game named That's why I know every light, every color, you can ask me anything, I remember , which is about memories and how a relationship will develop it's own mythology. I'm super happy with how this one came out!

Wisp is a great thoughtfully written game, and this version is also so pretty!!

Great game! The factions are all really cool, there's some exclusive mini games that really land well to pirate fiction, the cover art is gorgeous 10/10

An absolut blast!! It turns out ghosts make for really great hackers (*possessing voice* I'm in)

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Do you believe in the inherent (hom0)erotiscism of sword fights? Boy, do I have a game for you. Really cool game that you'll probably like if you like Mobile Zero: Firebrands and its hacks. The flow of the game is really smooth and will get you the enemies to lovers story your heart desires

This game is so fun! Seagulls are incredibly entertaining and chaotic, the big moves happening on the background only enhance the comedy potential for the seagulls. Always squawk about stuff!

Fantastic game about building and helping communities! The split character creation means you'll have plenty of options to create a character with an unique role in an unique world

Hiii! I just published my first game: Untitled Ghost Game a ttrpg game where it's a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible ghost

it was super fun to write a table top rpg and all the playtests went great

Absolutely lovely! It creates a charming little story and a fully fledged ghost in two hours of game