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Got it! But better ping me when it's ready! 

Oh, I'll follow you

What about defining a custom function which will form a list of suggestions in runtime? That's seems most universal. And that's what I've done =) 

That sounds good!

I also added custom autocomplete functionality for commands. E.g. I have a command goto which instantle swithces room. If I type goto I'll see a list of all the rooms in suggestions.

Are you going to have smth like this in updated version?

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total 257, cool music!

Thanks! There is a new much more playable build, have a look if you got a minute!

Well, thank you! I've uploaded the playable version try it out!

Update: I've uploaded the playable build now! Can't wait for your feedback mates!

Unfortunately the game is unfinished. And there is no dragons though I have an idea how to follow the theme

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Hey! Nice tool

I found out that // Draw blurred background code radically drops my fps to about 5 frames per second. The way it's drawn seems to be pretty tricky using surfaces and shaders. I have no idea man =)

I casualy replaced that with draw_rectangle() and it seems pretty fine to me

Upd: I didn't realized there already is layout drawing, so no need in draw_rectangle()

Very enjoyable

Same here. I see the first post is almost a year old. Seems dev has not too  much time. That's unfortunate, the game is really engaging

Part same here. Lost orca kick after loading a save

I loved playing this game! I love platformers and this one is really inspiring with some old but newly discovered mechanics. Wish there would be a suqel. Great job and thank you!

this is very cool! thanks!

Thank you! I've updated difficulty, check it out!

Love the game!  Love all of it! Music, gameplay, artstyle and hummor. 10/10

I've encountered an interesting bug. I have my default resolution 3200x1800. It's a pain to play in window mode. But when I switch to fullscreen the game began runnin like x0.5 fps . Then a lowered the resolution down and now fullscreen works ok. Hmm...

I played browser version

Thank you for this! I had a lot of fun playing it! 
I didn't get a good glance of how that jumper-switching mechanic works. Like what does it mean when a jumper becomes transparent? I still can pogo-jump on it, so what's the difference? And sometimes it was just impossible to pogo a jumper which is not transparent. I was a bit frustrated at those moments

Oh I should have explained. You can add LD53 tag to your game in editor and then a field for link to add will appear

But this also works 

Nice game btw =) 

You can link your itch game page to LD entry

I enjoy this a lot! Can't wait to see further development

Some words about balance. Imo healer is the most imba in this game. I literally loose every late game when a healer appears. It becomes impossible to kill anyone. Another problem is that when there are 3 or 4 those priest guys on the field you can't clearly say which one is the healer. And third, when there are already a lot of enemies and there is one healer who is hiding behind others' backs ... Well it's completely unbeatable. He nullifies all your damage and I said it's simply impossible to kill anyone. I really hate this sutuation lol XD

Anyways thanks for the fun. Your game is cool :thubs_up:

nice to hear, thank you! 


Nice game. Pretty well polished. Sounds are really fun

Nice and simple game. Fun soundtrack. Good job

Hey! Nice little shmup here =)

The only thing I would add is autofire. I smushed my spacebar hard while playing

Thank you friend!

I added costs, hints and fixed bugs

Oh shoot! Sorry man, I kinda didn't know how to implement unit control tutorial

Will definitely do now

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for feedback! Yeah, I believe it should fixed in new version now

After I press the start button I see the gameplay screen but nothing happens. I can draw guestures but notes don't appear

I like the game, nice and simple. For mouse control I would rather choose a gun by clicking on it and then aiming rather than using sliding mechanic

You've done great with visuals and sound!

It lacks some dynamic and balance to me though. Keep going! 

Pretty nice game, lureing penguins and seals to off the ice is enjoyable =)

Pretty nice game, lureing penguins and seals to off the ice is enjoyable =)

So many games about microplanning on this jam! =D
Good work!

Nice concept but it's hard to switch between platforms to control the box. I would better use a circle than a bunch of platforms with different slopes

Anyway, good job!

Really cool game. I'd say this is my favourite so far. Great job!

I used it when I was actually playing it =)